If you're around NY, we'd love to have you join us! Join the Facebook Group : www.facebook.com The video was very short because our day was ended early by a noise complaint we got. The cops came, and that's why the video doesn't have much footage. Better luck next time!! Share this video on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Google+! _____________________________________ LINKS: My Main Channel: bit.ly My 2nd Channel : bit.ly Twitter : bit.ly Tumblr: bit.ly Google+ : gplus.to Facebook: on.fb.me T-Shirts: bit.ly Snail Mail: PO Box 216 Mill Neck NY 11765 _________________________ Tracklist : Fuck it up - Wild Motherfuckers Do it again (electro mix) - The Chemical Brothers SHFL - Phats Life V like Venusian - Dj Gius Universal Tranzmission V2 - Kidd Kaos

25 Responses to “NYC Shuffle Meetup”

  1. VideoGameMaster007 says:

    damn that sucks.you can come visit if you like =D

  2. Yay 😀 wish I could but I live in hawaii x) naw I actually wish all of yoou guys could just come here 😛 lol.

  3. VideoGameMaster007 says:

    Of course bro! =D just join the group,you can come to the next meet

  4. CPoptropica says:

    I wish I was near NY. I’m not as good at shuffling as these people. But I actually shuffle. P.S. I’m mlp_Derpy_ on Twitter. P.P.S. I’m only 11. P.P.P.S. Thanks for the video that helped me to running man. P.P.P.P.S. My fingers are getting tired typing this.

  5. Is it ok to go to a shuffle meet up in hopes that you could ask someone to teach you cool new shuffle moves? X3

  6. mstwitchie411 says:

    I think u should hold another shuffle contest lol and the winner will get a domo XD

  7. irisxcarina says:

    Heey Juzdin I’m a longtime subbie 😀 You subscribed to me a while ago and I have no idea why..? I don’t think you ever watched one of my videos so was it just to be nice or something?:3

  8. PeaceLovePebbz says:

    Lol. It’s NY. I live in Idaho. I mean the population is probably a street block there. xD

  9. OhSnapitsJuzDin says:

    We’ve been doing it way before it got “cool” True Story lol

  10. PeaceLovePebbz says:

    The kids in my town try to shuffle, imagine hillbilly Hispanics trying to shuffle. xD Very entertaining my friend.

  11. OhSnapitsJuzDin says:


  12. VideoGameMaster007 says:

    Not all but some

  13. VideoGameMaster007 says:

    I know bro but it just depends on the bpm,everyone has a different style and most of them here are not really soft style

  14. Ravers… Don’t…. Shuffle……

  15. IshDat1KiD says:

    Most of this is hardstyle shuffling man.. haha.

  16. IshDat1KiD says:

    Actual ravers do.

  17. x1BurntPatatoe1x says:

    plez reply too me

  18. perenniallong says:

    Soft style shuffing is a bit slower, and if you look up hardstyle shuffling, it’s a lot faster.

  19. OhSnapitsJuzDin says:

    Nope! Didn’t get a chance to film a lot. Got kicked by the po-po! And Click on 720p ! SUPER clear

  20. exactly, who still does it? xD

  21. VideoGameMaster007 says:

    what you mean softstyle?

  22. IshDat1KiD says:

    …Lol. Bro. You realize that Shuffling has been going on for.. 30 years now?

  23. ZeerStudios says:

    awwshnap this meet up video is actually good great job : 3

  24. 2:55 omg lol O_O scary shit

  25. WTF at the dude in the phats and converse shirt, that bitch be trying to hard. NYC GOT NOTHING ON MELBOURNE. give me some live AUSTRALIA WOOOOH