*OFFICIAL* 15th of January Melbourne Shuffle Meet Up 2011 [SONGLIST UNLOCKED]

[SONGLIST UNLOCKED!] Thanks for watching! 😀 [SONGLIST IN ORDER] Kidd Kaos - Bleep Bleep (A_S_Y_S Remix) The Pitcher - I Just Can't Stop The Divider - Atmosphere & Shadows Arkaine - Tryout #1 Frontliner - Call Of The Visionary Robokids - Kids (Paramond Extended Mix) Butterfly Effectz - Orion ??Unkown?? Common Market - Gol'Dust Like a G6 -Far East Movement

24 Responses to “*OFFICIAL* 15th of January Melbourne Shuffle Meet Up 2011 [SONGLIST UNLOCKED]”

  1. shuffl3pr0 says:

    your good, but i think you might need to upgrade from a toaster to a waffle maker.

  2. TheIBEEBI says:

    I would love to me u alla and shuffle but nooo I have to live in Iceland! amazing shuffle 🙂

  3. TWIST0404 says:

    everyone thats fucking hating leave them alone , they are trying to express

  4. Shuffle2Bass says:

    cool story mate, should make a book out of it.

  5. dawendadender says:

    mate yous are just shit !!

  6. ShuffleGio says:

    OMG! This is sick! cool shufflers :D

  7. Preeetty Sick:)
    Keep Up Thee Good Work:D

  8. Dionatandark says:

    Só imagino alguem dançando FREE STEP ali no meio, kkkk
    felizmente o FREE STEP já está muito mais evoluido que shuffle, hard step, entre outras danças eletrônicas, mesmo não tendo muito tempo de vida 😀

  9. europlayer13 says:

    very nice man you guys are good i wish it was this big in the states

  10. Shuffle2Bass says:

    You sir just made my day.
    Ohhhhhhh wow. Whatever you recon 🙂


  11. dawendadender says:

    yous are shit come dubbo and battle me

  12. @Shuffle2Bass
    O.o is there any videos of him dancing?

  13. 5:50 , dudes name?

  14. qushertube says:

    olivia,very nice.hahaha.big!!

  15. WEINER3000 says:

    theres a ninja behind olivia!!!!!!

  16. HDRofficial says:

    awsome awsome awsome ohh and that girl who shuffled with the white top super fit !!

  17. Wow it’s awesome !!! But what the song name from 4:40 pls try find it. ;))

  18. SonicOrange22 says:

    song name from 4:40.. plz try to find it thx:) and good shuffling too:)

  19. NamiMiiki says:

    i love the last girls ^^
    nice vid!!

  20. purequaliDy says:

    @louuiisseee jus think shes pretty is all :p

  21. MrTheandroide17 says:

    that dance is danced in 6:19 minutes

  22. purequaliDy says:

    chick dancin at 6:20 and 7:40… mmmm

  23. I wish i could shuffle like this! im learning how to shuffle atm! hehe! good job and keep it up mate! 😛

  24. Shuffle2Bass says:

    Thank you!
    This video was made at Federation Square 😀

    -Toddskii !