WATCH IN HD Few clips of me rocking on the w,e Track mash up is a bit off i mixed it with sony vegas just using crossfades 🙂
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So yes, i've been working on this project for 2 days now, and i got it finished. It turned out really good, in my opinion 😀 And this is my second melbourne shuffle upload, and i dont really know if you guys like shuffle videos, but i enjoy making them, so i hope you do watching 🙂 The tracklist is in the end of the video 😀 - HardstyleLover1234

31 Responses to “Old School Rocking / Melbourne Shuffle 2011 – Jarrad”

  1. jacket321 says:

    Good style bro! Add more tricks into your legs.

  2. huh, awsome !
    like, sub !

  3. LiveforHM says:

    You are a shuffling god, man. Keep up the good work!

  4. Galfromdownunder says:

    Ahhhhhh! Takes me back to great days at Melbourne’s Wed nite FILTER club @ The Lounge in Swanston St – where shuffling started! With local electro techno greats like Angler, DJ RudeBoy, DJ Manna … my 73-year young mother loves this stuff and can do it too!

  5. 1st Track is: Dj Tyranny – Apollo Creeds balls (Dark By Design Remix)
    I found it on a German Rockers’ Video

  6. Destructionaires says:

    Damn man, who is that first track by, that is fuckin hard!

  7. Jarrad can u please Upload ur great track mix somewhere? i REALLY love it 😀

  8. Hardstylestudi0 says:

    @henrysthingamajig umm bout 3yrs bro

  9. henrysthingamajig says:

    how long u been shuffling for?

  10. KingsleySHUFFLE says:

    😀 bro every vid of your is fucking sick man!! 😀 wish my vids were as good as yours man

    – Kingzley

  11. PL4Y574710N says:

    this is a real montage!

  12. ShufflinForL1f3 says:

    05′ style <3 Keep Rockin boys!

  13. ShufflerBurst says:

    Bro, you got such an old school style. So fucking awesome bro.

    I’ve haven’t uploaded a video of me doing this style yet, but I’ve been working on it. I really wanna look like this. <3 Keep it up bro. You're an inspiration.

    Awesome rock. Subbed.

  14. Medineko48 says:

    1:37 … Fail in 3…2… damn you didnt fail D:

  15. This is the sickest music ever, I NEED TO HAZ this Jarrad. Or to be polite, upload it somewere please! Keep the vids comming they never seize to impress me 😀

  16. FunkyMonkeyMachine says:

    @Hardstylestudi0 Sounds like a lot of fun, and I’ve never heard of anyone really describe it that way either. :)

  17. Hardstylestudi0 says:

    @FunkyMonkeyMachine been mucking around with it for about 1.5yrs now its more a case of just doing what ever flows, some tricks il only do once some are ones iv worked on but most of the time its just freestyle bro, listen to the music and let it guide you!

  18. FunkyMonkeyMachine says:

    Just out of curiosity, how long did it take you to learn hat tricks so creative?

  19. MRFRACOLLA says:

    AWESOME bro !!! One of the best shuffle vid on youtube !!!

  20. DjKonaCowan says:

    So nice Shuffling ô.o
    And what a Brennan Heart-Van Halen is a Rockstar Remix is it?

  21. VersionRecords says:

    How long have you been shuffling for?

  22. Alkenphel says:

    damn bro u are too good. cheers to u my friend

  23. NDave1991 says:

    the most solid hard shuffle vid i have ever seen and i have followed hardstyle since the very start good job !!

  24. @Hardstylestudi0 dude i want your music XD now upload them pleaaaaaaaaase 😀 lol

  25. HardstyleLover1234 says:

    @ppdddavid1 Zatox ft. Sarah Maria – Cant hold us back 🙂

  26. HardstyleLover1234 says:

    @ppdddavid1 Rushtex – Chainsaw Massacre 🙂

  27. HardstyleLover1234 says:

    There is a credit rollin’ in the end for the songs!! :D

  28. coldayinhell22 says:

    lovin the ravers passed out on the ground but 1 guy still going hard lol

  29. just awesome i don’t know what to say

  30. harrym2457 says:


  31. cancion del minuto 2:11?