Made for LMFAO's contest. Song is Party Rock Anthem - LMFAO. Enjoy!

24 Responses to “Party Rock Anthem Shuffle”

  1. MMcreatureMM says:

    nice video

  2. lovesbeth1997 says:

    pretty good have a look at my shuffle video might ive you som ideas :P

  3. MiSsHunterr says:

    You definitely got it ! Now to be done with shoes on a normal floor!

  4. DiscoCheat says:


  5. kuey10777 says:

    song + moves = hypnotized 

  6. EpicPred1236 says:

    Your a genious on your feet congrats

  7. irishgn08 says:

    holy shit 15,000 views! congratulations.

  8. gamatouta says:

    you got the moves, but to me, you kind of lack of energy!

  9. 182anetka says:

    Dobry jest:D

  10. GTELITE3 says:

    im dyng to know how to do this!!!:)

  11. kenyathoman says:

    How In the world do you do this on a carpet??

  12. For teaching it?

  13. For teaching it?

  14. KaiKuroyomi says:

    Haha He’s okay. I say that cause he does the same back foot thing in every step watch you will see. ;D

  15. dario3202 says:

    excelent !!!

  16. JawBreaker235 says:

    Your shuffle is kinda weak. basicly would only go with this song. no other strong songs.

  17. aklingsporn says:

    You’re right, it’s called the Charleston, or at least a modified Charleston. Look it up. Eerily similar.

  18. aklingsporn says:

    Ummm…in America, we classify both hardstyle and songs like this as electro. And, to be really fair, the Melbourne shuffle isn’t from Melbourne. It’s from America in the 1920’s, and it’s actually called the Charleston. The Melbourne shuffle may have added on to it, but so did dancers in the 1920’s. Good try, stud.

  19. Good shuffle but strong case of limp wrists going down

  20. mikey1cod4 says:

    teach me!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. cadillacportis says:

    What the fuck are you doing?

    I know damn well thats not a melbourne shuffle.

  22. gengar200 says:

    you have a shufflers feet MAN!!

  23. AmbushplusBackstab says:

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  24. lol @ 1:34 you were still so into it when the music stopped and must’ve been thinking “wtf happened to the music”, and then, like 3 seconds later “oh yeah :)”. Nice moves btw!