Haha, love this track! (8 months practice)

25 Responses to “Pink Panther Psytrance Shuffle – Shufflin.net VOTW (Video of the week)”

  1. ImproveYourSkills says:

    I love the songs you choose and your style. Please never stop dancing.

  2. Jhosyteck says:

    Like !!! soy de Peru I loveee shufffle

  3. Nanib1000 says:

    name of the song pllzzz??

  4. JesseLei1999 says:

    Pretty girl.

  5. minstylove says:

    this is scary D; the way youu movee your head and everythingg !

  6. chiko00897 says:

    the best vid of yours 😀

  7. neglectedkarma says:

    i love girls who know how to shuffle, nice style, very unique.

  8. MrSnipe1337 says:

    would you shuffle in a bikini for us? 😀

  9. Coolcats3553 says:

    THATS SO COOL! Love the song haha how it all turned into shufle[[x niocee:3

  10. Xanomable says:

    jiggle jiggle..
    haha just kidding, nice dancing 🙂

  11. Marrtinike19 says:

    till minute 1:10 the warm up dancing is one o the most cute things i v seen in my life

  12. nice job josey, i like the energy that bursts when the bass drops 😀

  13. pauldoeswork says:

    1:20 boobies :D

  14. KAOSRIFLE says:

    Excelent 🙂

  15. FierceTurmoil says:

    Awesome !

  16. XtremeGamingPorkchop says:

    nice job but hope you don’t mind me saying but like why don’t glide or move around more instead of staying in the same spot

  17. Hatzer007 says:

    i love her feet

  18. marypoppins787 says:

    super like!! <3

  19. Cuti3pop says:

    who’s the artist of this song???

  20. deathfairy06 says:

    this was nice :)

  21. asfesesease says:

    magnifica! stupenda!

  22. fonziegamemer says:

    wow pretty awesome

  23. kulilimshuffle says:

    you dance very well but was looking at something else

    note:you and very tasty

    hot hot hot ….

  24. fing3rbang says:

    It’s….It’s beautiful

  25. killingtimeization says:

    Thumbs up if you think the whole time “oh s***t the cactus!”