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24 Responses to “Pinkie Pie Hardstyle shuffle”

  1. mtbrain1 says:

    oontz oontz oontz fuck yeah!

  2. MegaLamerrr says:

    @LOLcatzatyahood0tcom you alerted the trolls >_<

  3. TheLuriel77 says:

    Dark Oscillators – Stereophobia
    Thumbs up so everyone can see

  4. Peaserist says:

    @friendlyschizo More like BOONTvrrmBOONTvrrmBOONTvrrmBOONTvrrmBOONTvrrmBOONTvrrm

  5. NutjobGTO says:


    Arise, Sir Lol.

  6. TheSoldiersMind says:

    I came here for the bucking hardstyle.

  7. Y U NO LOOP!?!?

  8. XGamertech01 says:

    weird thing is.. i can imagine her in shufflepants and rockin glowsticks n shit and doing this

  9. MisslemikeTheBrony says:


  10. TISXxSILVERxX says:

    @jayands Sir lol xD

  11. Actual b*cking hardstyle. You, Sir or Madam, win 3 Internets.

  12. Dagmakter says:

    @LOLcatzatyahood0tcom I hope you don’t hate me now… But I feel the need to point out that somebody hasn’t come out to ruin that comment… I hope they don’t now… But that’s amazing. It really is. 😀

  13. r0cKmEsExYjEsUs says:


  14. Yantar205 says:

    better than TMF/Francis 😀

  15. Dagmakter says:

    @LOLcatzatyahood0tcom I could never snuggle up to hardstyle ’til I saw this…

  16. LOLcatzatyahood0tcom says:

    see the dislike bar?yeah me neither

  17. TISXxSILVERxX says:

    @RadioactiveKat22 Description

  18. RadioactiveKat22 says:

    SONG PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111one!

  19. ImBusenlolXD says:

    well. that was pinkie pie. the new pinkie pie what “you” all loved is now a insame pony what loves to cut ponys head off. thank you to destroy my fav. charakter with every fandom “porn,goreys,drugs and every possible thing too bring the ponys more humanity in the bad way. i’m not sure if i can still say too me with good feelings “I’m a bronie” but i gues no one care.

  20. fataldirgevids says:

    Snowflake effect makes this epic as fuck

  21. friendlyschizo says:

    untz untz untz untz untz untz untz untz untz untz untz untz untz untz untz untz untz untz untz

  22. FlutterSpyProduction says:

    …dare i even try…. i can beat dashy… but PINKIE…. *gives up*

  23. TISXxSILVERxX says:

    @WildHamster321 ok will do m8

  24. WildHamster321 says:

    @TISXxSILVERxX I can’t put links up. Search torcher999 at deviantart