Some szenes out of practice session 5. First 2 with reverse shuffle and the last with a long spin. track: Deadmau5 - I Remember
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25 Responses to “Reverse shuffle session & spin practice ( 16 spins )”

  1. Hardstyler981 says:

    Wrong title is not revese shuffle is reverse running man. Reverse shuffle is the t-step backwards.

  2. SouthWestShuffler says:

    Great shuffle :) , great song choice , mad skills 🙂

  3. TheChristisme says:

    Teach me reverse running man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. RocKEdU13 says:

    Awesome! 😀

  5. danzig919 says:

    love this song very peaceful

  6. ninjahfolif says:

    Bud plants on the back shelf?

  7. how is he so chilled

  8. Burzty26 says:

    Nice vid! You should make the music reverse too ;D

  9. Burzty26 says:

    Nice vid! You should make the music reverse too ;D

  10. MaxsonMS says:

    Wrong name, this is not reverse shuffle.

  11. DubnHard says:

    pretty nice pactice mode, nice and smooth.

  12. why are u replying right now??? lol im just observating

  13. TheColorsofNeon says:

    i wrote this 4 months ago. why did you reply

  14. 1EyeSack1 says:

    He sucks, and reverse shuffle looks gay indeed

  15. wooden floor and socks anybody can do that?

  16. yes i know thank you, he thinks he so smooth,

  17. u fucking suck balls dude wanna see good spins check out ( traktor shuffle compilation)wanna seee good shuffle check out( the melbourne shuffle hardstyle dance revolution)and (agressive melbourne shuffle) u ssuck stop shuffling like that, looks gay thats not being smooth thats not knowing how to shuffle dumb ass..

  18. domosaywha says:

    how do you shuffle so smooth? and spin like that? ive been doing it for a while and i still suck. i want to shuffle like you :/

  19. skyfrog696969 says:

    good stuff very smooth

  20. harleystud says:

    hi just how much do you practice is it every day ? your one hell of a dancer well done 🙂

  21. TheColorsofNeon says:

    oh its just rejecting with sliding. (justkidding)

  22. 1EyeSack1 says:



  23. 19Pavlik95 says:

    nice shufling:)

  24. 131369Dtekk says:

    your da shit dude sick shuffle

  25. KIlllin it ma boiii