RHS Skyboy-Malaysia HardStyle Shuffle

warning Comment and rate pls.. Skyboy Never Stop !! Yeah SkyBoy..Are u all waiting for skyboy video??HERE NOW .. VIEW N SHARE TO FRIENDS..NO one CAN STOP SKYBOY !!!!!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

LiZza Wable DENIM (hunterz) | me Bang Akuma Sirius Phoenix HSHiozed ALM Karox fam0uus59 Super Winnie Hell-nico Yoma Nénia Tiduss RackShoot EyZox Rowe Kei Playlist: Re-Done - Take A Trip Alternate - Turning Out Brooklyn Bounce - X2X (We Want More) Daniele Style Smile - We Believe In Hardstyle Stylemasters - Hustlah Butterfly Effectz - In Your Life Bryan Kearney - Goosebumps

49 Responses to “RHS Skyboy-Malaysia HardStyle Shuffle”

  1. pawvb1891 says:


  2. jumpen21 says:

    what version of fother mucker is this?

  3. narutofan321211 says:

    base sucks

  4. sasukeotciha says:

    First Song – Headhuntez – The Sacrifice

  5. BrunoutHow says:

    Skyboy idol in Brazil is lol

  6. 69 people are Fother Mucka’s

  7. hexarage says:

    OMG! the part when the credits roll!. SUPER BEAST MODE!

  8. XxUltimateCheshirexX says:

    It’s actually fother mucker :) I like that song a lot

  9. 330Wesker says:

    the name of second song?

  10. 330Wesker says:

    the name of fist song?

  11. Th3AsianKid says:

    MOONBOY hell better then skyboy

  12. cadman1333 says:

    Feels like you’re gliding. So much fun!

  13. SuperStarezz says:

    too jumpy

  14. chickenfro says:

    side to side to side side to side so repetitive

  15. shuffles209 says:

    whats the name of the sngs

  16. FatalDeathShot says:

    It’s good to know you have no friends, or else you wouldn’t be writting these sissy remarks. Way to show your colors moron.

  17. megadude405 says:

    Oh you must think you’re such a tough bad boy, making threats on the internet. Also, “accompany my fist down your throat” is not at all a proper use of accompany. If you’re gonna act like a big grown up with your big boy panties on and make threats, be sure you know how to use the goddamn words you’re spouting out of your shit-hole.

  18. FatalDeathShot says:

    Again, don’t lie. And if you want to fight fight me with words I will be happy to accompany my fist down your ignorant throat. Again, it’s one mans opinion. Now kindly back off, I don’t have time for baby dicks.

  19. herleymenezes0 says:

    whats’s name for this music?

  20. megadude405 says:

    Yeah, no. There is such a thing as being more skilled, more practice, more graceful. Dumbshit white knight.

  21. chivo5000 says:

    If you’re debating who is better than who, then you must be a loser. No one is better than anyone. Everyone has their own unique style and Moonboy just became more popular since he was and is younger. So no need to say who is better than who since neither is better than one another. Just different styles at a different age. So enough about that and just enjoy the video.

  22. megadude405 says:

    Grammar? I made a minor spelling error dumbshit. Moonboy has more fans because he’s better than skyboy. All sky is doing is jumping back and forth.

  23. FatalDeathShot says:

    Nice grammar bud. It’s a one mans opinion with these types of things. MoonBoy has more views and more fans only due to it’s been out there longer. Give SkyBoy about another year.

  24. megadude405 says:

    Sad think is, I’m not

  25. FatalDeathShot says:

    Don’t lie. 

  26. HardstylerWallones says:

    Il n’y a pas de tenue vestimentaire a respecter pour faire du melbshuffle 😉

  27. ownerzs2 says:

    are they shuffling on ice or something because the glides are EPIC

  28. c’est quoi la musique du debut svp?

  29. magmon2468 says:

    okay jaimerais tellement sa faire sa xD

  30. splintercell500 says:

    Ok donc moi et mes potes, on a du boulot 😛

  31. NecroDrummer77 says:

    sa fait deux ans un peut plus ptete ^^ ToXyK ;p

  32. HunTerZzz80 says:

    ça dépend des personnes, moi je dance depuis bientôt 3 ans

  33. splintercell500 says:

    @HunTerZzz80 Vous avez combien de temps d’expérience? Plusieurs années?

  34. turkniktout says:

    C’est trop souvent la même chose.

  35. DjBa0bAb says:

    et comme sweatshirt ?? (un lien ou un nom stp)

  36. HunTerZzz80 says:

    aucune de particuliere ^^

  37. HunTerZzz80 says:

    vegas pro

  38. dougbates9 says:

    how did you make those effects?

  39. DjBa0bAb says:

    Quelle type de shoes vous me conseiller ???

  40. maxime59780 says:

    ok merci

  41. HunTerZzz80 says:

    regarde la vidéo du dernier meet 😉 : watch?v=YzgFMyyZkoc

  42. maxime59780 says:

    tu est lequel toi ????

  43. HunTerZzz80 says:


  44. maxime59780 says:

    J’adore votre vidéo je la regarde au moin 1 fois par jour =)
    c qui a la 1.40minute qui danse ?

  45. KizameKun says:

    Tout à fait 😉

  46. HunTerZzz80 says:

    ^^ principalement sur youtube

  47. neji86350 says:

    Comment avez vous appris a faire tout ça ? NICE shuffle ! ViVe la France 🙂

  48. SuperUldhel says:

    Personelement je suis contre le fais que le shuffle soit industrialisé et personelement ça me fais bien plus plaisir de voir un mec qui danse le shuffle ou le jump style que du classique par-ce que c’est peu pratiquer et ce n’est toujours pas une danse completement oubliée non plus 😉

  49. SuperUldhel says:

    Like a boss ! vous gérez très bien, ça fais honneur à la France