Happy Birthday Aizen !!! Sayron: www.youtube.com Aizen: www.youtube.com Coka: www.youtube.com SONG LIST: Alpha 2 & Wildstylez - Breathe D-Block & S-Te-Fan - Revelation Wildstylez - Lonely (Edit Version 2011) JDX - It's Showtime

24 Responses to “Sayron, Kidd, Aizen and Coka – Melbourne Shuffle Brazil”

  1. holy crap, i am going to relearn everyting…..

  2. KevinBLazik says:

    Nice Shuffle =p ,See my style, /watch?v=6tFTUDyYHgM
    A detication to my family and friends
    Expert shuffle !!!
    MS in Vein.

  3. KiddKaosss says:

    @Ballabri4 Thaanks Brother :3

  4. Ballabri4 says:

    You guys are so fucking dope. Seriously, fucking legendary.
    You have my respect. Props from America!

  5. KiddKaosss says:

    @mrsubscribe11 hey brother sorry but it dont is a compilation is a feat

  6. mrsubscribe11 says:

    YOU FORGOT SICKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. ur glides are so fucking clean any tips for a begginer 

  8. Vocês são a prova de que video de shuffle pra ficar bom não depende de boas edições. Ficou muito bom msm!
    THIS IS AWESOME! 10/5*

  9. zpsmaster says:

    If this was only in america 

  10. GiftGasExperte says:

    nice dog 😀

  11. HDgermanycom says:

    LOL a Akasuki member shuffle in the backround 0,14 xDD

  12. Esse Sayron nao existe mano . u.ú
    pqp ! ele é muito foda !
    HDA | Moika

  13. TheAuroraProduction says:

    meu amor rulla tudo *–* kidd is very melhor de todos <3

  14. Victormaguu says:

    This vid is insane Those are for real the best aus shuffle BR
    Kidd is great

  15. SoulPresents says:

    Best AUS Shuffle Kidd
    U are a legend

  16. assassinsofhardstyle says:

    For Real is a AOH assassin
    Glad To have you on our crew mate

  17. danillo500 says:

    PQP kidd e Muito foda!!
    So fan dessa pitoca

  18. MMrBabilonia says:

    Just Awesome AUS BRO
    Kidd is fucking awesome

  19. IndioBelga says:

    Foda Aê 🙂

  20. HardStyleHeroes says:

    thats what i like to see
    HSO/ Static

  21. monstruoso *o*’

    by: BacckUp // HDA

  22. demerson47 says:

     show manos curti muito
    video fico muito phodaa

    D-Black .BM

  23. ShufflerOfTexas says:

    All epic shufflers, You guys are awesome bro, i hope you all keep shuffling.

  24. TheWADEHDA says:

    ta foda!!!!!