haha! awesome shuffle meetup with DJs!! in seattle.. Featuring DJs: -DJ Morgazm -DJ Kings -DJ Yanni -DJ Hades on this vid i used random hardtrance/hardstyle songs ^_^ *PLEASE WATCH IT IN HIGH QUALITY SHUFFLERS: - Jayyy - Kimchee - Andreezy - DNee - TrebelRebel/Anthony - WolfBane - N-Dru - ZeZe - Eriku - D4N11 - Dennis - Bruce Aka Hadez - JuJu - Kayleena - Sonic (3:56) - Purple Capsule - Saan sorry i wasnt able to record and get other's name, alot of shufflers came T_T

25 Responses to “SEATTLE SHUFFLE MEET UP (04/26/2009)”

  1. DeathMageNaga says:

    =O ITS A BLACK GUY!!!!! finally

  2. DeathMageNaga says:

    =O ITS A BLACK GUY!!!!! finally

  3. jgimben1260 says:

    What are the song names?

  4. PureAnimex says:

    fck yah old times. too bad shuffling nowadays isn’t like this.


  5. @Termokas lol ikr

  6. Termokas says:

    @sese666 Seriously.. Why asians are so good at dancing? 🙁

  7. czzombie says:

    @lookersd You know why? , only because of all asian/japanese/chinese is getting made to do this by their parents….

  8. Predator408 says:

    Song at 2:18? The one with the girl

  9. PureS0u1 says:

    7:16 – 7:41 Andreezy at his best!

  10. PureS0u1 says:

    I stlll this vid :D.

  11. Skaersholm96 says:

    some peeps think its only possible to shuffle to music like this but that aint true… just look at LMFAO… they rule and it aint shit like this… awesome shuffling but crappy music…

  12. knightsintodreams says:

    aaaah there needs to be anouther one!!! fuck ya seattle!!! <3

  13. sese666 says:

    @lookersd lmaooo ur right,, im one of them haha

  14. lookersd says:

    not beiung racist but so many fucking asian/japanese/chinese people know how to do this haah

  15. sese666 says:

    @chelseaCUTE1 ohh ahha okay ^^

  16. chelseaCUTE1 says:

    @sese666 si Jayyy … ung naka white na may drawing na guitar damit nya … kabatch ko xa sa perpetual…

  17. sese666 says:

    @chelseaCUTE1 sino si jayvee? lol

  18. chelseaCUTE1 says:

    ui galing mo jayvee

    perpetualites<3's u haha

  19. MrKaniu47 says:

    Name of the track at 3:00 ? it’s awesome +_+

  20. metalchild420 says:


  21. superpuppy06 says:

    haha, see you like what us Aussie kids do in our spare time, good job guys!!!

  22. wan2shuffle says:

    doesnt mean anything coming from a canadian. shuffling is pretty accepted.

  23. ShuffffleXD says:

    i’ve never seen a video of jayyy without andreezy XD

  24. 5H4D0Wregret says:

    I hope the 4th song will be released soon… =( i’m dying for it

  25. 22sgibson says:

    there’s a spot for EVERY non-accepted group in here! xD

    small asians,
    SUPER small asians,
    asian nerds,
    fat black kids,
    weird emos from broken homes,
    and kids who dress skater, but can’t accutally skate.

    SHUFFLING.. bringing losers together since 1999.