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25 Responses to “Shockerz – Rise Like The Sun (HQ Preview)”

  1. HardSpeedUp says:

    YOUR SPIRIT IS YOUR GUIDE.. bam bam bam BAM BAM BAM BAM!. YOUR SPIRIT IS YOUR GUIDE! tartatararttarattaratataa.´╗┐ TO BLABLA, YOU HAVE CONTROL! bam bam bam.. YOU RISE LIKE THE SUN! ­čśÇ

  2. WeR2AE says:

    i dont think theyre new´╗┐ LOL…

  3. MineSweepaMusic says:

    taking a break maybe? music is hard to produce once you get big´╗┐ xD

  4. ProjectXOfficiall says:

    They Couldnt Keep Up To Scantraxxs´╗┐ High Standards ­čÖü

  5. Moena1990 says:


  6. sutro19 says:

    Just because the melody is side-chained doesn’t´╗┐ make it sound like Yellow Minute…

  7. HSHDaGo says:

    x) Thumbs up.´╗┐

  8. DjAngelnoid says:

    OMFG>>> Faints of the awesomness´╗┐

  9. PlayNFeel says:

    /watch?v=8kyfgNRQ_jc feel that out of space beat´╗┐

  10. dsxxbl says:

    this sounds like me giving it´╗┐ to your girlfriend..A LOT!

  11. MusicLeon20 says:

    Nice Nice´╗┐ NIce

  12. HSHDaGo says:

    It sounds like Noisecontrollers – Yellow Minute
    A LOT !

  13. passioncod says:

    zegt al wat over´╗┐ je dat je the Phrophet leuk vond…

  14. djgenerator says:

    13 people are´╗┐ deaf! _0_ Shockerz _0_

  15. wybren18 says:

    He’s inspired´╗┐ by frontliner, every track of him has some frontliner stuff in there as far as I’ve heard of him.

  16. KaroMassudi says:

    I hate this tune, because before he signed up for Scantraxx, this track was 100x more awesome, it wasen’t changed at all. And im talking about the track on´╗┐ Shockerz Promo Mix.. it’s like scantraxx dislikes good kicks.

  17. smekztrr says:

    Best. Fucking. Kick. Ever.´╗┐

  18. DranzerDJ says:

    Your spirit´╗┐ is your guide! BAM BAM BAM BAM!

  19. DJBearOfficial says:


  20. Joopie91 says:

    @subarrel, ik haat het ook niet.. ik vind dat de inspiratie bij sommige tracks ver te zoeken´╗┐ is tegenwoordig. Maar zal ook wel komen omdat ik 4 ├á 5 jaar terug van hardstyle hield. Echt goede tracks van Prophet(machosist) Headhunterz, Scope DJ, Showtek en toen nog rising Tatanka.
    Just sayin ­čśë

  21. DistortGuyzMusic says:


  22. InnovatorMusic says:

    frontliner made their kicks or what? melody, vocal, effects, everything reminds me of frontliner.´╗┐ NEVERTHELESS, awesome track!

  23. popopodu67 says:

    Why´╗┐ ? -.-‘

  24. DutchLinerz says:

    Be´╗┐ My Guest was one hell of a track, very very good release, shame to hear they’re not in scantraxx anymore.

  25. smekztrr says:

    Sounds alot like Frontliner wich is GOOD cuz I LOVE Frontliner ­čśÇ one of´╗┐ my favorite hardstyle djs =)