Maybe favorite!? Enjoy guys 🙂 Like this please =) Hard Dancers: 1. Fant1 - Alex Karpeev [ it's me ] 2. rekrut - Andrey Masterov [ it's ] 3. CaDiK - Artyom Hmelyov 4. Myth - Alexey Romanov Editing: Alexey ♫ Fant1 ♫ Karpeev Songlist after 5000 views and 50 comments. Or SUB and PM me... From Russia with love...

22 Responses to “Shuffle Battles Ульяновск 19.12.10”

  1. Missappletoffee says:

    song @ 3:07 plz?

  2. 111294skyler says:

    give me the songlist please !!

  3. landman11000 says:

    Malay shuffle is retarded. It messes up the whole original shuffling.

  4. SkrillexStar says:

    Можно трек на 0.59 !!!

  5. RYMANPWNYOU says:

    emogoth standing around

  6. didi6919 says:

    Song at 0:58

  7. Bajanaja says:

    where is the songs??

  8. xilovetecktonik says:

    @TheYonathn12 i dont care if u say that tecktonik suks ass its your opinion! AND DIDNT U READ MY COMMENT IT SAYS I ALSO LOVE TO SHUFFLE!!

  9. TheYonathan12 says:

    tecktonik suks ass man, but well

  10. Karpeev73 says:

    in this video i’m dancing 2-3 months 😀 this is very old video man)
    now i’m dancing aus watch?v=cNdXVV2XJUI

  11. Candik was my favorite in this video. Smooth and relax and went well with the song (which can anyone give me name of btw??) everyone else… Im sorry but ur Malaysian style looks so weird -.-

  12. TheDigitalStink says:

    Where is the song list?

  13. xilovetecktonik says:


  14. 79babygirl97 says:

    Great Job!!!!!!!!!!! Im from Russia Too!!! But Usa stuck with me ;DD Haha Look my video im in the white.. See if u like 🙂

  15. nipsonice123 says:

    song list please

  16. nipsonice123 says:

    u guys are doin malaysian shuffle right

  17. TheTony1177 says:


  18. openserra says:


  19. BillBowss says:

    just quietly ur vids would be that much better if you did the shufflin to the music they were actually doin it to……..
    thats comin from a shuffler

  20. MrFallout14 says:

    Haha pheonix

  21. Karpeev73 says:


  22. ShuffleF0r1ife says:

    where these guys from?? what country?