Hardstyle Shuffle around the wold by Manos

13 Responses to “Shuffle Hardstyle Dance(Bass Agent – Uprising)”

  1. AyeeBeeShuffles says:

    anybody knoe the shuffler @4:53?

  2. Peso4niy says:

    Hard Style Association

  3. tre123456789able says:

    nC videooooooo

  4. NoobsSince1903 says:

    whos the shuffler @ 0:34 ?!

  5. spiderskater2 says:

    hsa was one of the biggest and one of the best hardstyle crews out there back in the golden age of shuffling like 06 07 08 unfortunetly almost non of them shuffle anymore for some odd reason or they just dont put videos up anymore but type in hsa in youtube and ALOT of videos will come up

  6. xXAngelaLoveXx says:

    What’s HSA?

  7. xXAngelaLoveXx says:

    @1235bunny Haha lol… Its in the title… xD

  8. KrissyAKAtheAK says:

    i hate my boss and the ppl that i work with 2 xD but i love shuffle!

  9. uprising
    bass agents

  10. loki6able says:

    Bass Agent – Uprising

  11. 1235bunny says:

    whats the name of the first song? and GREAT SHUFFLE VIDEO!! ^_^

  12. xXlAwsbeatsXx says:

    sacco is tornado_like

  13. AfuturHR says:

    the vid is great ^^