Tracklist 1.Karpe-DM - Rise Of the Arena 2.Toneshifterz - Can't Fail 3.Trance Generators - Pure Emotions 4.Kidd Kaos & Brian Eddie - Beyond Limitation 5.Kidd Kaos & Amber D - Your Attention 6.Punk Buster - What. (Sam Punk vs. Steve-L Remix) 7.Trance Generators - Pirates of the harder style TGS boarding mix Shuffle meetup was great!!! this is only a short video of my shuffle clips.Theres also woodzee and rayo. PaulZ will upload the full thing so go cheak it out 🙂 the names of the two lads we battled are fryersy and jordan from IJS . it was quite a big turnout , about 60-70 people 😀 we got the speakers from the crew from up north thanks very much 😀 be sure to comment,rate and subscribe!!! thanks for watching and stay tuned for more shuffle videos in the future 😀

25 Responses to “Shuffle Meetup 15/1/11 also PHS Vs. IJS Shuffle battle(TRACKLIST RELEASED!!!!)”

  1. Semir6474132 says:

    Ijs Had Won !!

  2. TheTOPProductions says:

    1st round – woodzee pwned him 😀 2nd round – a close one, but reazer won imo.

  3. toontjuh87 says:

    almost same as jumpstyle, mwah

  4. TheDigitalStink says:

    Me watching shuffle battles is like my dad watching football.

  5. HardstylerPhily says:

    FUCK MAN Peps In Phats All ways Win ,Your amazing,In All Fearness Thats Little Kid From IJS Was Really Good Buh REAZER Danced Around

  6. kmc4lfc says:

    Do you know Dylan McMullan?

  7. pikkermand420 says:

    where is this at?

  8. ShuffleKing3000 says:

    i am not just saying this because fryersy is my cuz and all but he owns

  9. bestmaciek25 says:

    ijs win

  10. locky861 says:

    the 1st battle jordan defo won totally smoked the wee fella… btw jordan is IJS and second battle IJS again with fryersy

  11. fryersyidancehard says:

    @HARDSTYLE3443 13th and city carpark (:

  12. Nikos770 says:

    IJS better

  13. Kinso10 says:

    great meetup 😀 .. hopefully now the meetup on the 13th is as good!

    Ijs|| Kinso

  14. Mickvi01 says:

    i cant shuffle for shit , use are unreal 😮

  15. 0oJOMIo0 says:

    yeah, teach me pls 😮

  16. 121conjohn says:

    lmfao can’t shuffle use are unreal

  17. TheKenpachi1 says:

    i like you guys u arnt like those LMFAO fags

  18. JordyHardDance says:

    @XxneoGrishxX IJS Stands for Irish Jump Style so ther obviously from Ireland

  19. hakkemohammed says:

    I saw u at a meetup video and later i was so mad cause i could`n find it again, you are PRO! xD

  20. TheBillygreek says:

    whats with the pants and i like hardcore hardstyle but why have dance offs back in Greece we fought

  21. lilpanda091 says:

    nice vid guys where u guys from

  22. MrJoel7736 says:

    Its real hard in the rain eh?

  23. Chloeee87 says:

    IJS defo <3

  24. smokinvibes says:


  25. XxneoGrishxX says:

    where country are you from?