Shuffle Music Collection: HARDSTYLE™ | Part I · Info · This is Part 1 of my hardstyle mix. A small collection of hardstyle music, used in various shuffle videos, that's is all. The video has 10 track previews, each about 1-2 minutes long. Enjoy! 😉 · Disclaimer · I have nothing to do with any of the audio content used in this video. I am not the owner or creator of any of the tracks and do not take any credit. This video is used for non-profit entertainment purposes only and preview listening. If you want the full tracks at high quality, please buy them from the original authors site or internet music store. · Thanks · Thanks to all the artists who make this awesome music. Special Thanks to all of you who like watching my videos & support me. Good luck! · Additional Info · Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CS5 (64-bit Edition) Adobe After Effects CS5 (64-bit Edition) SONY Vegas PRO 10.0 (64-bit Edition) · Tags · Shuffle Music Collection Hardstyle Part I YouTube DanielThePhoenix · Video · Shuffle Music Collection: HARDSTYLE™ | Part I SD: HD: · Contacts · YouTube™ Channel: G-Mail: Google+: Facebook: Twitter: @Dan_The_Phoenix MSN / E-Mail: Skype: DanielThePhoenix STEAM: Videogaga Channel:

A performance our dance crew recently did in a small town called Eslöv in Sweden. It was a great day to say the least! 😀 Big thanks to Attitude 69 danceschool for making this happen! 🙂 Shufflers from left to right: Kusin Swerk Fishbone Pizzapappan Playlist: LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem Infected Mushroom - Deeply Disturbed (infected remix) Wolfgang Gartner feat. Will.I.Am - Forever (Radio Edit) RAM - RAMsterdam [Jorn van Deynhoven Remix] Karpe DM - Freedom 360
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  1. SkyletMr says:

    good job! ❤Get Hit ❤

  2. The85f150 says:

    finaly after trying to find hardstyle music this is by far the greatest and the track with limp bizkit was good

  3. MegaSPAZ2010 says:

    you cant handle the truth! :O

  4. MegaSPAZ2010 says:

    this is the single most awesome hardstyle collection ever 😀

  5. stonewise61 says:

    who else herd that limp bizkit????

  6. MirMir2235 says:

    Dang I love this

  7. marceloB1995 says:

    Who the fuck Deslike this video !?

  8. AtenKadet says:

    Lets keep this video 0 dislikes 🙂

  9. chutieuswimmingful says:

    cant wait to seem more

  10. yakiclub1 says:

    really cool stuff

  11. aretyviobu says:

    Thats awesome man

  12. William84151 says:

    thanks for the hard wok to entrain us 

  13. inblogout1 says:

    Going to try it? later. Thanks

  14. Herlinda5421 says:

    big video

  15. huhuhehe1999 says:

    dam dat was soooo dam sexy like? 4real:)

  16. aretyviobu says:

    Thats awesome man

  17. kpichkpfan says:

    1your so much better than loads of other channels out there 

  18. Droidflow says:

    srsly i dont know what to say 😮 just great

  19. inblogout1 says:

    Going to try it? later. Thanks 

  20. alexkhanh1 says:

    subbed,great job!!!

  21. biyaa11 says:

    good business . I give it a try.

  22. chutieuswimmingful says:

    Haha, fantastic video! Id like to see more coming dude!

  23. alidan00 says:

    your the man

  24. shottayout93killa says:

    I have subscribed and im waiting more videos 🙂 

  25. TheHelpMeRightNow says:

    vafan,fick ni tag på den där vita masken?

  26. GustafLagerqvist says:

    Riktigt sickt.

  27. Rajabuddy992 says:

    U guys did awesome! Good job on the different types of shuffling!

  28. chromepker says:

    not my shuffle style. =

  29. antekordic says:

    Swerk FTW!!! 😀

  30. MeMaProduction says:

    Respect for the one without shoes

  31. deepforces18 says:

    only fuckin hardstyle for shuffle(Y)

  32. mathiasscrac says:

    vad heter låten på 1:10 ?

  33. mathiasscrac says:

    1:10 älskar det 😀

  34. arabbkenny says:

    ebay lol

  35. Alexwaars says:

    1:15  <3

  36. osomaloso916 says:

    Look up malaysian shuffle, its better..

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  39. Czochracz123 says:

    2:40 this is very very beautiful

  40. guitarforlife95 says:

    Vart köper ni phat pants?

  41. RedCross413145 says:

    fuck the first song

  42. SuperClownboy1 says:

    OMFG ! Thats how you shuffle!

  43. TheRiicKRodrigues says:

    legal a dança mais eu prefiro FREE STEP search FREE STEP in youtube
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  44. pikkermand420 says:

    the last shuffler is tha best Melbourne shuffle forever!