- DISCLAIMER - I have nothing to do with any of the music played in this video. I am not the owner or creator of any of the songs and do not take any credit. This video is used for entertainment purposes only and preview listening. If you want the full songs at high quality, please buy the songs from the original authors site or internet music store. Enjoy! - INFO - Small collection of hard techno music, used in various MAS shuffle videos, that's all. The video has 15 track previews, each about 1 minute long. Enjoy 😉
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Shuffle Music Collection: MAS | Part I”

  1. THELUNA805 says:

    this shit goes hard !!! (:

  2. DanielThePhoenix says:

    @gordykidd001 Um… it’s on the video? 😀

  3. gordykidd001 says:

    Whats the tracklist ! 😀

  4. DanielThePhoenix says:

    @ZaBiiKzCanShuffle Thanks 😉

  5. ZaBiiKzCanShuffle says:

    want more… you know real muchabout mas shuffle music… good taste!

  6. DanielThePhoenix says:

    @MickEg9 thx ;)

  7. Quality Tunes Pal !!!!!!

  8. DeejaySlideX says:

    oooh yes!!!!

    this is music mate 😀

  9. HamStErhhs says:

    love the background and songs

  10. TheBloody313 says:

    Awesome mix 😀

  11. DanielThePhoenix says:

    @ssdddfhf :DDDD эт точно)

  12. ssdddfhf says:

    24 понравилось , 1 не понравилось . Бибер ну ты и тварь :DDDD

  13. DanielThePhoenix says:

    @IxDOxMUSIC That’s how youtube works 😀

  14. DanielThePhoenix says:

    @ssdddfhf thx x)

  15. DanielThePhoenix says:

    @RenXiS47 heh, you have some unique videos 😉 subbed. thx

  16. btshuffle says:

    yeah, right stuff:)) sry I must go shufflin:D

  17. RenXiS47 says:

    I really liked this collection 🙂 Hope to see more of this in the futere, cos I am subbing.
    Btw. is it to much ask you, to check out my vids xD u never know you just might like em =P

    peace out

  18. bussi45663 says:

    thank you so much for this coll :*

  19. HardstyleSameX says:

    love the music bro <3 😀

  20. MaxFresh27 says:

    good music i now it all like it +(green finger)

  21. SubstanceD100 says:

    @DanielThePhoenix sveeeeeeeeeeeet! ;D

  22. IxDOxMUSIC says:

    you deserve more recognition

  23. DanielThePhoenix says:

    @SubstanceD100 Anywho, thanks, i’ll sub to you too ;)

  24. ssdddfhf says:

    N1ce* x] 

  25. SubstanceD100 says:

    not being and ass or anything but i reckon saying that this music has been used in a lot of ‘MAS shuffle videos’ might attract a fair few troll D: but anyway nice music and video man. Liked+subbed x)