part 6 enjoy

25 Responses to “Shuffle Songs 6”

  1. mynameis9389 says:

    @ILazyBoy666I con’t believe i am under a stupid top coment

  2. TechnoMil10 says:

    @ILazyBoy666I FAGGET

  3. IAMLEGEEND1 says:

    @ILazyBoy666I Shut up lazy shit…

  4. TheYoshinori96 says:

    insomina needs this lol


  5. sptincho says:

    VEAN MI CANAL =) BAILO SHUFFLE espero q les guste
    WElcome to My chanel

  6. champboy439 says:

    @ILazyBoy666I i reject your reality and substitute hardstyles own 😛

  7. this video has a dislike button
    something is wrong, youtube

  8. frankeboona says:

    u put widowmaker in another vid but dw great song

  9. Saitanta says:

    Third of all your FUCK TARD YOU RETARDED MONG!

  10. tommybascue says:

    east clubbers <3

  11. DJBACKWORDS2 says:

    @ILazyBoy666I one word nerd

  12. xChriz503 says:

    HaRdStYlE sHuFfLe!!!

  13. @ILazyBoy666I are you foreign? cuz it sounds like you’re typing this stuff into a translator and just copy/pasting it into the commments boxes. however, if english IS your first language… you suck at it. but if you’re foreign, its all cool. but you should probably hate on something in your own language.

  14. EDRAGON20 says:

    First rule of mine, don’t be a douche about music, Hardstyle, French, Trance, House, Dnb, are all major parts of the music culture, and the Rave/ Club culture, if you segregate them, you are one of the stupidest people to walk the planet, doesnt matter how fast, how loud, its music, as Dj Coone states in one of his songs “If you’re not in it for the music GTFO”

  15. Locusthorde300 says:

    @Silversavage Amen 😀

  16. MrShuffle4ever says:

    @LacustaEST yes.. xD East Clubbers Bungee

  17. MJ died because Hardstyle was taking over!
    nah Jk.

  18. Stay2Strapped says:

    love the last shufflin’ vid

  19. Stay2Strapped says:

    @ILazyBoy666I your obv. a fag

  20. wirewolf45 says:

    dj virus – rush is fuking titttteee

  21. sportzboy895 says:

    @ILazyBoy666I your dumbass is ignorant ass fuk. if u dont like it dont listen to it u fking cracker!

  22. CrazyRaverForLife says:

    Bass Agents - Baxx FOR THE WIN! awesome list mate 5*!

  23. CrazyRaverForLife says:


  24. Leeroys2bDay says:

    Zany is hardstyle, and people do shuffle to hardstyle, even if its happyhardcore or whatever, people still do. If you went to DEFQON.1 or EXqlusive, everybody shuffles at whatever that has a good beat to it. My point is shuffling or raving, people shuffle and rave to any kind of dance genres and tech. Different genre’s of dance but either way, its still tech.

  25. JUICEPPL1 says:

    nice songs 🙂