part 7..:p enjoy 1.carnifex-fireflash 2.Major bryce-money 3.atlantic wave-the creation (2007 remix) i left this one out and couldn't fix the numbers in time so:p will post it in shuffle songs 8 r so 5.i am finn-I love you ( van she tech remix) 6.infected mushroom-deeply disturbed(infected remix) 7.the kgb's-superdisco(technoboy remix) 8.deepforces-harder 9.headhunterz-digiwave

24 Responses to “Shuffle songs 7”

  1. benzara1 says:

    do u used to facebook? tel me

  2. technolady22 says:

    der bass ist krass

  3. 17819930 says:

    the name of the fift song?? i dont see nothing LOL

  4. gangstah849 says:

    o cool i`m doing the same

  5. TomasJumpi69 says:

    5th tecktonik song is a bit … no? 🙂 sorry if that is dear

  6. Chiller33184 says:

    6 is Goa

  7. SludgeNerd says:

    fyi: you skipped #4

    but it’s okay i love you shuffle mixes 😀

  8. frankeboona says:

    For the people who couln’t see it properly

    Carnifex – Fireflash
    Major Bryce – Money
    Atlantic wave – The Creation (2007 remix)
    I Am If Inn – I Love You (ban she tech remix)
    Infected Mushreem – Deeply Disturbed (infected remix)
    The Kgb’s – Supderdisco (technoboy remix)
    Deep Forces – Harder
    Headhunterz – Digiwave

    great vid but needs clearer text

  9. DoctorTh0mas says:

    hows 6 dubstep……..not even close
    just plain progressive trance

  10. then look in the infobox xD

  11. CuBixDamnation says:

    Thanks for all your vids man i got some pretty good songs from them

  12. DJBACKWORDS2 says:

    I want no.8 !!!!

  13. odirlei123pain says:

    Top 10 Melb Shuffle…

  14. xKillERMARiOx says:

    Headhunterz <3

  15. TheHardRaveStyle says:

    OMFG the bass got me hypnotised OH MA GOD BRO (Y) love this

  16. McScreamo says:

    lol okay this weird there is a band called carnifex that is deathcore lmao !!! and thats one of my favorite bands =D

  17. vgele962 says:

    can’t read the songs name 🙁

  18. kaseycutie12 says:

    WOAAAAAAAAAH nice bass on the 1st song!Fireflash-Carnifex

  19. First Song AMAZING :D

  20. I just pick a HardStyle playlist and listen too it while I PvP.
    Shit get’s me pumped.
    Oh and I orgasm every time I get a kill.

  21. progamer449 says:

    the bass from the first song suxx *_*

  22. bisowyshadow says:

    tHx MaN~i watch all ur vid to choose my fav song~~~reali thx~~~

  23. Shuffle Music Rocks 😀

  24. LilMisLorin says:

    your making the writing harder & harder to see silversavage…can u make it more readable plz?