Another Sick Malaysian Shuffle Song Mix For That Perfect Shuffle Sesh Go To To Download This Song For Free Many Other Mixes As Well (.... If You Use This Song In One Of Your Shuffle Videos, Post It As A Video Response So I Can See All You Sick Fucking Shufflers In Action! ....) Song List 1st 0:00 Custom Intro 2nd 0:28 malaysian 2.0 By JImboxDD 3rd 0:58 Vicente Fernandez-Volver Volver!!! (Dj Ekeds Remix) 4th 2:38 Vicente Fernandez-Volver Volver!!! (Dj Ekeds) pt2 5th 3:36 Gimme Love (younglife remix) 6th 3:36 warp 1.9 LAF REMIX 7th 4:06 Memories David Guetta Amix 8th 7:04 Krftkds - Deep Inside (DJ Ekeds Remix) 9th 8:02 DJ. Teeazee mix by DJ HYPHY 10th 8:28 immapaisaa by LAF 11th 9:14 LAF & Explosive! - Internet Sensation! (Original Mix) Enjoy!!
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25 Responses to “Sick Cali Malaysian Shuffle Song Mix (DJ ROIDS Sick Malaysian Shuffle Party Mix)”

  1. RomchySkillzx says:

    @DJROIDSS sure will!

  2. DJROIDSS says:

    @RomchySkillzx no problem bro, if you make a video, let me know so i can check it out. love the music, and shuffle ur heart out.

  3. RomchySkillzx says:

    @DJROIDSS i have checked it now….AND OMFG the mix is great…has that shuffle/jumpstyle potencial…time to begin training again hah thx man I really appreciate it

  4. DJROIDSS says:

    @RomchySkillzx thanks man. have you checked out my hardstyle mix? many ppl use that one for jumpstyle as well since its more up beat. check it out

    Hardstyle Kick Mix – DJ ROIDS 2011

  5. RomchySkillzx says:

    @DJROIDSS u sir are a legend i dont know how familiar you are to shuffle and jumpstyle…dances i mean….but for shuffle a normal beat is good and a speed up beat is good for hardjump/jumpstyle and i cant seem to find a good one and you earned a permanent subscribtion from me thank you

  6. DJROIDSS says:

    @RomchySkillzx jumpstyle mix? sure i can do that

  7. RomchySkillzx says:

    hey man love the track…can i ask u a fav…could u make a song where u would mix up shuffle and jumpstyle? i cant seem to find any good remixes :/

  8. damn im i on crack cuz this shit makes everthing tight

  9. dude i fucking love the volver volver part good job bro!!!

  10. Fckknblussh760 says:

    I don’t hate or dislike hate hardstyle , but to me , Malaysian is BEASt3 for ME(; .

    Malaysian Doll(;

  11. Fckknblussh760 says:

    Omg ! D o p e * af’ ! (;

  12. From 0:05 to 0:27 Showtek-The World Is Mine XD.

  13. smookey143 says:

    i have dis song in my ipod 🙂

  14. imelda505 says:

    D O P E ! A’F ! 😀

  15. DJROIDSS says:

    @Michelle123826 ahaha i bet You can do

  16. Michelle123826 says:

    I’ss Too Bomb too shuffle too it:))

  17. this was a super fucking awsome help I got to take me awake the whole night studying for my tests hehhehehe!!!!!

  18. hello123822 says:

    Suck emo fuxk u

  19. EFRIN956 says:

    Fckng emo songs!!!!

  20. ys1kittyz1 says:


  21. sick bro

  22. techtonik35 says:

    People who say epic instead of sick are gay

  23. man this is epic

  24. coronafooo17 says:

    Damm sick ass song!!

  25. maximax395 says:

    @DJROIDSS thx