coments and rates & subscribe 😀 - song list : 1º Digital Punk Waverider Angel (HQ Preview) 2º Equal Mindz Hardminded (Hardstyle Music) 3º Deepforces Paranoid (Original mix). 4º DJ Medowz After Hours Club (Nomad Remix) : BASSMASTERS CHANNEL ! : InZz channel : Gus channel : Sayron Channel thx for 380 subscribers ♥ . o hope you like it (: enjoy,
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Sicky, inZz , Sayron and Gus ; BASSMASTERS ♥♥♥ ~ [SONGLIST RELEASED]”

  1. RidwanAqwIbonx says:

    Nice Spin 😮

  2. pr0phyz says:

    25k o) MASSIVE video BM *_*

  3. mistamaniac3000 says:

    Sicky you have to make a tutorial on how you shuffle I mean you are definitely one of the best shufflers iv’e EVER seen

  4. THatGuyYOuLiKe13 says:

    IM A HARDSTYLE SHUFFLER////Please check out my new video
    Best 3 month shuffler in the world!!

  5. im kind of sick of this whole new shufling era.all this cheesy corny video editing, video stretching. all people do is go back and forth violently with the most colorful phat pants. what happened to the classic shuffle. with rocky and sacco and mikki. those guys where baddass.

  6. 7seattlesfinest4 says:

    Gus?, tht looks like Stalker to me. hmm

  7. SickyShuffler555 says:

    Graças ao seu video lindo <33 -qq

  8. gustavofty says:

    23K <3

  9. ToddShufflez says:

    Would have been cooler if that toddskii person was in it.

  10. dream1268 says:

    nice style, and i subbed ^_^

  11. HSHDaGo says:

    Welcome ^^
    Check my channel please 😀

  12. dream1268 says:

    haha thanks :), my spins have actually improved over the past few weeks

  13. HSHDaGo says:

    Well, it’s pretty hard to do it fast, first do it smooth, learn the technique. Then add some speed ! And get dizzy 😀

  14. hatakemathy says:

    Sou fanzãao de tdos . GUS alopraa veio . o/

  15. dream1268 says:

    four of my favorite shufflers 🙂 ive been shuffling for 2 months any tips on how to spin really fast?

  16. gustavofty says:

    20K OMG !

  17. 2that2guy2 says:

    isn’t that the buildi were scooter shoot one of his covers?

  18. SpawNZILO says:


  19. teddybear3able says:

    sicky and gus xxxDDDD

  20. MsArnay says:

    GOOD !

  21. beasta1919 says:

    InZz:master of quick spins
    SayroN:master of kicks
    Gus:master of speed
    SICKY:all of those combined xD

  22. xlesliesliar3 says:


  23. Hardkickz080 says:

    Omfg… Fix speed up! Nice shuffle anyways but don´t use speed up..

  24. mrsubscribe11 says:

    I would never shuffle with no shoes i have foot fungus :O

  25. thelourmur says:

    | BAssMAsTers |

    Wen Stylo Brother ¡¡

    Atte : Lourmur Peru