Thank you Recognize Studios and Radikal Forze for letting us host our meet up at your premises!! Now Enjoy the program!
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25 Responses to “Singapore Shuffle Meetup @ Recognize Studios”

  1. zzasserzz says:

    @d3M0nDud3 we are unsure of the date but please add me on facebook at or Alexander Chan Bai Jun :)

  2. d3M0nDud3 says:

    whens the next shuffle meetup in Singapore?

  3. MrShuffleRocks says:

    we nid to create a shuffle REVOLUTION in singapore

  4. FlatFingerSteezers says:

    and the small kid was it Hans Isaac or Aqasha brother

  5. zzasserzz says:

    Yes thats Akasha!!

  6. FlatFingerSteezers says:

    Wasn’t that AmirulAqasha at 6:12 ,his my friend .:)

  7. MrShuffleRocks says:

    5 people probably didnt make it for the meet up

  8. MrShuffleRocks says:

    I bet you guys can beat lmfao anytime

  9. XheadshotyouX16 says:

    friend request sent bro..

  10. zzasserzz says:

    come join us at our next event! or add me! alexander chan bai jun facebook!!

  11. XheadshotyouX16 says:

    any crew recruting? recruit me please!!!

  12. HardBassExtreme says:

    Nice shuffling man 🙂 Heres mine^^

  13. Isn’t that Xeph at 3:56!?!??!?! OMGOMGOMG! MY IDOL! 😀

  14. lolsterz2 says:

    Have uploaded yst shuffle meetup?

  15. heinzawtun says:

    @TheClifftence just go there and have fun, euu no nid a crew to go there (:

  16. zzasserzz says:

    Our Yan Superman

  17. TheDarkCivil says:

    Who is the guy @6:48?

  18. omgKittehh says:

    nty , im meeting up with a friend of mine before going for it

  19. SSFDarkInMe says:

    hey man me too even though i have shuffle for many years i have stopped in 2009 last year then i came to shuffle again so i kinda need more improving. You wanna meet up before we go to the GSD?

  20. zzasserzz says:

    @lolsterz2 Hey mate check my youtube video for the details its on my channel. Just in case you’re wondering the next meet up is on the 28th of May @ Orchard Central Level 5 Recognize Studio!!

  21. lolsterz2 says:


  22. RaWkOnDuDe says:

    next meetup is global shuffle day! >> /watch?v=GEKZjqrokqo

  23. zzasserzz says:

    for sure……

  24. omgKittehh says:

    Aww , Is heatwaveonline trust-able for shipping though?

  25. zzasserzz says:

    you can’t sorry to inform you…..but i currently have a Small blue PHD up for sale……120 Singapore dollars  Incl of delivery and shipping