Once again the 3rd annual Global Shuffle Day was yet again another successful event . Shufflers all over Singapore gathered to showcase their own skills on the dance floor and also to socialize with other's. Thank you all for supporting this epic event and most certainly hope to see you guys again next year with a even bigger crowd of enthusiastic in our quickly spreading scene. Special Thanks to: Organizer - SDF Xero (Alexander Chan) Lead Graphics - Andy Tan Edited by - SDF Ninrai (Leonard Teo) Deejays: DJ Rayton & DJ Sharom Special thanks to Recognized & Radikal Forze for allowing us to use the location
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “[Singapore Shuffle Scene] Global Shuffle Day 2011”

  1. imskinne says:

    Lol! Cap trick for electro dance :)!

  2. RustyOldBear says:


  3. RaWkOnDuDe says:

    we are having one more this year. wait for the trainin man! =D

  4. quincy29125 says:

    but what kind of move is that at 6:27

  5. quincy29125 says:

    whooo hooo 6:00 ส็็­็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็­

  6. JumperKenny says:

    where i can buy the shirt: I CANT SHUFFLE… looks so great man pls give me a link =( jumperkenny – germany <3

  7. d3M0nDud3 says:

    damn, i just learned about global shuffling day
    if not i would definitely come this year!

  8. RaWkOnDuDe says:

    4:46 the main person who kept our Singapore Shuffle Scene alive back then, he is respected by many local shufflers

  9. IrsyadSHFL says:

    Who’s Slackshoes ?

  10. JaydenJiawei says:

    Omg , I hope to join you guys in the next meetup :>

  11. DotaLord1993 says:

    the guy at 4:32 has unique style man. I got to come to one of these meetups and see him live.

  12. sese666 says:

    this vid is really amazing, good job!


  13. jomanski13hard says:

    What is all the track songs!?

  14. Son1c2012 says:

    Lee Haslam – Music Is The Drug (Nomad Remix)

  15. weejian says:

    @Joecrack253 :

    Agree! The fella @6:27 did a sick move, first time tho. Awesome, thumbs up! Hardtek Sg Andy!

  16. lolsterz2 says:


  17. imskinne says:

    LOL thanks for the comment!

  18. zzasserzz says:

    oct nov

  19. zzasserzz says:

    Hardtek Sg Andy

  20. lolsterz2 says:

    When’s the next meetup uh?

  21. nice vid bro like/sub!! damm i wish there were more real cali shufflers -.- Fts|GriM

  22. RaWkOnDuDe says:

    @xXDamIaneXx ive put the songs at its start on the bottom left already. Eternity

  23. MelbourneFTW says:

    wow nice event, you guys had lots of fun and thats what is important!

  24. TheVertex974 says:

    Holy shit. 😀 This is amazing shuffle vid.
    I want to be there.

    Like&Fav + Sub.

  25. RevoidRetardShuffler says:

    Damn i had olevel chinese oral and could’nt make it . ;( whens the next meet up ?