SMF Hahaha! Hardstyle Shuffle Dance Song name- Smf Hahaha

24 Responses to “SMF hahaha: Melbourne Revolution Hardstyle Shuffle Dance (Full Version)”

  1. shufflewarrior137 says:


  2. sk8er9203 says:

    At 0:38 there’s a dude in the back round getting humped xD HaHa

  3. AlessioJWilliams says:

    @Startrakk989 Bicuspid! We meet again…

  4. Startrakk989 says:

    @AlessioJWilliams Overused comment we meet again

  5. yunginnocentable says:

    that was epic

  6. now watch this at 2x speed

  7. beast16a2z3 says:

    lmao! @ “‘epic”

  8. hey jp, whatr u doing in BC Francis’s backyard?

  9. jerseygirlrocks2 says:

    I found myself laughing to the point of no return at 3:07

  10. AnythingButHuman says:

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  11. AlessioJWilliams says:

    Ah 240p… We meet again…

  12. hehonline says:

    @Inmortuul how is he cheating?

  13. Inmortuul says:

    The 1st guy is cheating? -___-

  14. TieDieCrafter says:

    Anywho, east side can go get donkey raped, west side were It be at bro, I’d like to see them beat my buddy spiderboii

  15. TieDieCrafter says:

    There’s something funny about this video…….

  16. sUperbDuHH says:

    Ne awesome,like BeybladeZ

  17. raylan1223 says:

    i really want their pants

  18. AnythingButHuman says:

    Check out where I teach some lil kids to shuffle, its funny shit.

  19. yichen100 says:

    I can do the extreme spin just that i feel like vomiting after doing it that . Or falling down . If i had to continue after that i could only go with the running man glide .

  20. imcool5423 says:

    @elmothakilla1 ha ha ha its by SMF

  21. elmothakilla1 says:

    whats the name of song

  22. hailkid3262 says:

    Damm it’s da disco king

  23. colorfulgirl247 says:

    its weird cuz asians do it awesome

  24. carboncol says:

    thats dude is doing like a torero xDDD