Morgan Page did it again. I absolutely felt into the track during my last session. Really reminds me of my session to The longest road. I tried to capture a bit of my mood in this video so there are some scenes I´m just doing anything 🙂 track: Morgan Page - Sultan & Ned Shepard and BT In the Air ft. Angela McCluskey EDIT: Seems to be blocked in the United States 🙁 ps:I know it´sa bit bugged in the mid but it´s not the whole vid. If you want to skip, skip to 3:42 🙂

25 Responses to “Smooth Shuffle – In the air”

  1. HazeMachtBlau says:

    good. grzz

  2. Marci12 says:

    nice :)

  3. zkillz288010 says:

    i like your style

  4. dstadt71 says:

    It’s not blocked in the U.S. I have watched many of your videos and I have to say i think this is the best one because you can see that you truly were enjoying the music. You didn’t seem to be bored at any point in the video. You ever think of creating any tutorial videos? As far as the bug I found that if you full screen the video you can see through the bug. It doesn’t really last that long. I think this is the first video I have ever commented on. Keep having fun!

  5. dracorfight says:

    ich find dein smooth shuffle richtig gut , du hast den glück bei so nem boden gehts gut zu shufflen. hast dus schonma mit smooth shuffle in der natur versucht? vielleicht willste dir ma mein video ansehn 😉 …….. hatte ja schonma hiern kommie hinterlassen, aber mir gefallen deine videos , das ich sie mir immer wieder angucken muss 😀 ……… vielleicht findest du ja ma beim spazieren irgend ne geile stelle zum shufflen , wenn du nich grad inner stadt wohnst …..PEACE 😉

  6. drSatkirin says:


  7. xSnackeex says:

    Nice …..You are very good…and nice Music *__ *

  8. Renno1997 says:

    YOU feelin’ it! :D

  9. royaLredru says:

    Ich find diese Version vom Lied einfach net…

  10. Renno1997 says:

    The bug is disgusting .___.

    but the first 2:00 are great! ♥

  11. MUCLEtheOBSESSION says:

    Mein neues Vorbild !

  12. TheEforElectro says:

    hammer … so chillich … voll keine verkampfte oberkörper haltung.. richtig top !! :)

  13. dracorfight says:

    xDDDD 4:09 xDDD der is echt geil ^^ nice shuffle

  14. panchot8 says:

    why when im doin the runnin man im bouncin :I

  15. ShufflePierre says:

    This is my favorite video of you in a while mate.

  16. hey, thanks a lot 🙂

    I recommend the tutorials from BigMilan. I think 90% of all shufflers learned it with his tuts 😉


  17. MysticAtt says:

    oh wow, I got here some long road from hardstyle shuffling, and I gotta tell you I love what I am seeing. In comparison to hardstyle you are floating instead of bashing. Less aggressive and looks so much more joyful xD. So I decided I wanted to learn shuffling without knowing which one, now I made a choice. Any specific tutorial you can recommend me? PS: subscribed 🙂 had to keep this with me.

  18. vengeance1900 says:

    love this vid,great song!!
    just feel the song and dance

    Anticipates your new video!!! 🙂

  19. vengeance1900 says:

    cool! nice ! :)

  20. harleystud says:

    totaly totaly mint love it keep em comeing

  21. harleystud says:

    totaly totaly mint love it keep em comeing

  22. swizzlord says:

    dei kamera is nimmer die beste xD

  23. Ehndiee says:

    Glücksgefühl vom Feinsten am Grinser zu erkennen bei 3:40 ca.

    Geil wie immer. (Y)

  24. jaki15b says:

    So many emotions in music and shuffle respect from ST ROCKERS [Croatia] <3

  25. godeluX3 says:

    wär geil wenn du ein paar slides einbauen würdest:)