Something smooth again after a while. I made a vid to this track some time ago but it´s just amazing and motivating (little enrage in the end ) track: Paul Kalkbrenner - Torted

23 Responses to “Smooth Shuffle – Paul Kalkbrenner – Torted”

  1. eLDopamino says:

    pure eskalation ab 2:17 ^^

  2. Chicla161 says:

    2:54 .. genau das! 😉 richtig geil :)

  3. DFREstreets says:

    nice nice

  4. ElectroMano26 says:

    nice try pls looking and comment me too

  5. isolidsnakei says:

    Man, you must be in very good shape xD

  6. MYSTERi0USZ says:

    it looks so easy but its very hard to make! very good

  7. jmarovich007 says:

    Oh my God he is so creative with his moves to music. Damn

  8. badenator says:

    wat singse da der geht mächtig ab

  9. Anna14790 says:

    Machst dich aber total zum affen! 😀
    Gehe in Zirkus junge ;D

  10. MrTayler16 says:

    man sieht das dumm aus

  11. NachtHass says:

    woa alter……

  12. always smilling 😀

  13. ghostintheshell21 says:

    ja mann der move muss agressiv reinkommen!;)

  14. superschniepi says:

    nice bro…

  15. Good stuff. I watched the others and I liked this one most I think. Plus, “Torted” is a good song to listen to.

  16. libertine1228 says:

    ab 2.58.. jawoll gefällt mir gut!!

  17. usmcdisabledvet says:

    really good mixes man is that 120bpm or higher?

  18. TheTeakroy says:

    Again High ,oh yeah cocaine is good for relaxation,Cheers budy

  19. TheJoetuffguy says:

    See, dance is art 🙂

  20. schranzstyle19 says:

    Nice Shuffle Getting in all style of songs,Watched your all vids you rule man = ) keep it up

  21. garyography says:

    “Mama Cass” did this back in the 60’s with the Mamas and Papas

  22. MinosDaedalus says:

    I wish I could dance like that… but I have no room/floor to train at/on :/

  23. lenatti says:

    watch?v=LZPd3w5psSk hab das mal ab irgentwo drübergelegt auch sehr geil ! weils zufällig bei den pausen auch gepasst hat und schnitten ;D