Smooth Twins - Blood Brothers [MELBOURNE SHUFFLE]

Yes, again, watch the video until the end please. I hope you all enjoy and not forget to click ''liked'' and subscribe for more videos. ice's channel: - I dont own the songs.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

24 Responses to “Smooth Twins – Blood Brothers [MELBOURNE SHUFFLE]”

  1. DUZYisAWESOMEzz says:

    Tinnitus Dj Team – Crossfire

  2. Kajouch500 says:

    fck yea’ “””””!!!!!!!!!

  3. did you guys just take a shower? because this is clean(x lmao HR|FTS| Zeal

  4. WaitinForTheWeekend says:

    awesome dude, so smooth.

  5. BlackassTVcomedy says:


  6. TranCerLoveDanCe says:

    first song pls =)

  7. ReivaxThe1st says:

    @ShuffleBeats15 hell yea melbourne all they way malaysian can just blow me 🙂

  8. LEDesign2011 says:

    nicee *-* -LEDesign and Bass Heaven – Hicky

  9. Another 6 minutes of Breno and Ice… = Another 6 minutes in heaven…

  10. Anttraxfull says:

    Breno is the King of shuffle!!!

  11. PinoyShuffle says:

    The first song remind anybody of Andreezy and Jayy? 😀

  12. wat r the songs 😀 this was sick

  13. ShmokkShuffle says:

    omfg,this is godlike man *__*

  14. angelowsalzer says:

    @ITedBundy my uncle travel to Frankfurt and buy for me haha 😀

  15. KiddKaosss says:


  16. 2:50 amo essa musica *-*
    very nice guys, mas ficou muito longo ;s

  17. Jizzed already when I saw Smooth Twins again :3
    btw why does Ice own a Frankfurt hoodie it’s a German city :d

  18. DenlingCantShuffle says:

    *a missive boner appears*

  19. WhatTheHeck430 says:

    awesome man you make me got eyegassm… *-*

  20. Com certezaa, Smooth Twins é o melhor grupo que já vi na terra !!!
    Breeno e Ice minhas principais inspirações …
    Quando eu crescer qero ser Igual a vc’s XD]



  21. amazing !
    Woow nice vid. like it
    BR zergig

  22. Nice vid bro !

    AD| -Denqerz

  23. FDP’s Danção Muito 🙂
    Tres Neguinhos ae são invejosos 🙂


  24. joka666productions says:

    smooth twins strike again! very hot video 😀

    HD | RED. Sede