quick edit. you already know whats really good. in order of appearance: -Alyssa -Shelbie (www.youtube.com -Stefy (www.youtube.com -Bobbypin (www.youtube.com -Sweetie (www.youtube.com -Havok -Cat -Slim (www.youtube.com -Be (www.youtube.com -BLR -Pop lock (www.youtube.com -Valbang (www.youtube.com -Twlight (www.youtube.com *I DO NOT OWN THIS SONG OR THE ORIGINAL VIDEOS USED IN THIS COMPILATION COMMENT, RATE, SUSCRIBE CHEERS! 😀
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “SoCAL Girls Can Shuffle Compilation”

  1. @mrdaddyize “carry me away” chris lake feat. emma hewitt

  2. pumpkininfante says:

    the last girl knows how to party!!!!!!!!!

  3. Where I come from, girls could get arrested for wearing clothes at all.

  4. Howdydo11Gaming says:

    Where I come from, girls would get arrested for wearing that. Dammit Marathon

  5. DJVicious666 says:

    good but would be better if the music started sooner and was like Dirty Electro house 😛 would be perfect!!!

  6. juanfelipejuan7272 says:

    Yay, she finally made it to the kitchen.

  7. BaylorUbears says:

    The last girl knows what’s up.

  8. BaylorUbears says:

    @w1cki9 I was thinking the same thing.

  9. yeahlosangeles says:

    I mean, really?

  10. Why is almost everone in this vid doing a “hopping” running man? o.O

  11. mrdaddyize says:

    does anyone know the title of the song starting at 1:08

  12. AnimeFridays says:

    @WoWisMagic shocked expression:another kitchen joke

  13. haha..

    watch this..

    unhygenic food preparation in Malaysia..


    yes its about scrotum..

  14. Go slim 🙂

  15. she dances and shes in the kitchen 😮

  16. WinnerOfAllThings11 says:

    San Bernadino for sure lol

  17. GVGVIT1993 says:

    Damn for some reason I find all shuffle girls sexy

  18. MrLogvinS says:

    Таким танцем хорошо виноград давить ..)

  19. TheBoyBrandon53 says:

    Fo sho ladies thatz how u shuffle luv da moves……. hit me up and maybe we can get a shufle sesh yea lol

  20. DAMY9102 says:


  21. DAMY9102 says:

    q GEnial TE SAle

  22. shufflegirl24 says:

    im guessing 327 boys disliked this video *_*
    great job girls i know how to shuffle too 🙂

  23. castrol133 says:

    Lol slim looks like the girl from ‘the ring’ haha, but yeah great shufflin 🙂

  24. BloodyRedZomg says:

    really good!! how the hell do yas do it?? ive just started to try n learn it today and acheieved an EPIC FAILT!! lol check it out but dnt laugh lool any tips wud b great n keep up the moves (Y) 😀

  25. greenshaun says:

    @toasterwaffle1 - agreed. thought i was gonna get The Ring shuffle right out of the screen at me!