8 months practice
Video Rating: 4 / 5

hey guys just had a fun day making this, hope u injoy rate comment and sub!! 😀
Video Rating: 4 / 5

49 Responses to “Starwars suspenders shuffle”

  1. herfisis101 says:

    me and my bro can do better but still that good your really good (and hot!!!)

  2. Nanib1000 says:

    where can i buy those suspenders??

  3. brandenM1996 says:


  4. savybugblack says:

    people your sick , shes pretty fuckin awsome at this !

  5. iornimpman says:

    well tits!

  6. MarIzzyDesu67 says:

    damn this is so fawking awesome -7-

  7. helvetessida says:

    Awesome shuffle

  8. studentj4ck says:

    you rock (and are pretty cute too btw)

  9. dancers4life136 says:

    Hun, your boob is about to come outta your shirt, watch out.

  10. oo1Silent1oo says:

    i think the only reason half these people watch girls shuffle is to see the boobies thats pretty sad hahaha

  11. chiko00897 says:

    @rescue7hero i think its electro shuffle 😀

  12. chiko00897 says:

    @majif3l3xa Thank youuu ^^ ♥

  13. majif3l3xa says:

    @chiko00897 Star Wars Theme Song (New Destruk! Remix)

  14. chiko00897 says:

    song?? :D

  15. Chiller0891 says:

    get some sportbra this looks painfull

  16. rescue7hero says:

    could it be she mixed up shuffle and tectonic? rly interesting but defininetly not my style 😉

  17. deadlyscorpion says:

    Don’t know much about the shuffle, but the hand isos in between shuffles are supposed to be a little stiff no? Might be wrong though.

  18. D4NG3Rhefa says:

    NIce! boobis I lovee u

  19. FolsomFyr says:

    Great Job!! 😀

  20. Videomaker123ize says:

    big tits 😉

  21. jadetune says:

    whats this song called??? reply back! 😀

  22. gaaraman082 says:

    Marry me…… :O

  23. lol typical guys — they’re threatened that you’re good & turned on at the same time so their brains have this weird conflict going on haaaa! – work it girl! dance!!! [I was hoping you’d have a little imperial march remix in there too but this was awesome]

  24. silverfang612 says:

    Damn, moves are sick!

  25. shufflerdiablo says:

    @ccambricem cause this guy is a complete fuckwit nd trust me im not trolling i dont like the crp but he is fucking pthetic

  26. ccambricem says:

    @shufflerdiablo And you sir why troll on a BROTHER we all love the dance so just stop, we dance to express why try and diss on a fellow raver he loves the dance so back up.

  27. ccambricem says:

    @roguehardstyler I think both of you are stupid 😛 1 who should care what another says 2 As long as your having fun do it fuck everyone else.

  28. shufflerdiablo says:

    @roguehardstyler hahahahaha yeah, people think im better i looked at ur vids last night on both of them are diliked like crazy hahaha i dont think mine are? and mate ur not a pain im laughing at u lol ur fucking gay, ur shiity as phats! and if u say the vid you have up is better than mine lol i have 2 dislikes on this vid and u have 18 dislikes on your vids, i have 3 dislikes on my vids put together and i have 2 more vids than you hahahah mate i think that tells me that im alot better that you

  29. ShufflerToxin says:

    @roguehardstyler HAHA dumb cunt

  30. roguehardstyler says:

    @shufflerdiablo Um, nah. You decided to troll me. Now I’m gunna be a pain in your fucking side for the longest of times. And also, if you think your better than me, why don’t you quit talking a lot of shit and POST A FUCKING VIDEO THAT SAYS YOUR BETTER!! Otherwise, the video I’ve got up is better than this one, you little fuck.

  31. shufflerdiablo says:

    @roguehardstyler umm dickhead have you seen how old this is hahahaha, just get it through your thick fucking head youre shiit shuffler hahaha now fuck off and stop waisting my time u skinny fuck

  32. roguehardstyler says:

    Ooooooooh. This is such hardstyle! Oh wow! You guys so kicked my ass. Not. You don’t even fucking T-step. Are you serious with this??? This is your idea of Hardstyle??? You switched to club in the middle, then to fuckin Hip-hop! Your also repulsive and vulgar. My god, the dance CAME from fucking Australia!! YOUR FROM AUSTRALIA, DUDE!! Don’t fucking troll someone’s video unless you can kick their ass at the thing your trolling them for!! Fucking idiots…

  33. shufflerdiablo says:

    @AndrejTheShuffler mate we care why?? we do this for fun not for competition haha get a life bro honestly haha

  34. AndrejTheShuffler says:

    sorry guys i own you both 🙂 watch my latest vids so you can see its true

  35. jackattack963 says:

    Good as guys….. I love to shuffle too. check out my video. Search shuffle yeah boy and
    Shuffle ft Jackattack

  36. shufflerdiablo says:

    @K0vacic yep sure do send me message and tel me ur name and ill add u 🙂

  37. K0vacic says:

    @shufflerdiablo hahahahah your crazy! Do you huys have facebook?

  38. shufflerdiablo says:

    @K0vacic hahah toxin!! yeah he is a sexy beast hahah

  39. K0vacic says:

    haha him in the blue singlet with the green pants.. God he’s hot..

  40. sexysarah214 says:

    no your already good trust me 😀
    im getting a little better, i will gett waaayy better i know 🙂 im determined

  41. shufflerdiablo says:

    @K0vacic thanks 🙂 which blue? phats or singlet?

  42. oh my God, I love it.
    Btw the guy in blue was cind off hot…

  43. shufflerdiablo says:

    @sexysarah214 yeah thanks 🙂 its just a hobby and toxin taught me 😀 but ive only been doing it for 3 months soo not that good yet will get alot better if i try

  44. sexysarah214 says:

    really good(:
    looks like yall hand fun.
    im a begginner but im not really sure what im
    missing :/
    im determined too get way much better…(:

  45. HDRofficial says:

    nice 🙂

  46. shufflerdiablo says:

    @Xxkitty340xX thanks lol 🙂

  47. Xxkitty340xX says:

    nice arms ;D

  48. iMaYaah says:

    nice :3

  49. BassNaratica says:

    Damn sexy shuffle, i subbed, sub back?


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