I was listening to this track every day for a very long time but it didn´t get boring to me. I was so in love with it (you can see it in this vid)! Still on of my favorite Deadmau5 tracks: The Longest Road (Deadmau5 Remix)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Still smooth shuffle – The longest Road (Deadmau5 Remix)”

  1. stunna1800 says:

    Dude you can’t walk forward and move backwards! thats just against the laws of physics lol

  2. I would like to shuffle like that, but i cant make it look that smooth 🙁
    You are very smooth bro

  3. @shootzey to see*

  4. ssooo fucking great!!!! nice to shuffle be performt so smooth!!! not my kind of music, but nice to see all the skills you have, in slow:P really good:) keep going. greats from denmark 🙂

  5. OMG ich schau mir das jetzt schon drei wochen lang jeden tag mindestens einmal an xD und ich liebe es immernoch o.O

  6. ahhh maybe one day i can shuffle like that! your f’ing dope dude

  7. Hey, i have a question about your running man. I can’t really get it. Do you do it in one step or two?

  8. thats wat u call flowing with music now thats smooth……..good stuff

  9. subscribed! 😀

  10. kurokaka45 says:

    I love how you’re singing along while shuffling to it :)

  11. @Desiqnnn The keyword if you want to succeed in anything, practice!

  12. talk about feeeeling the music

  13. chigachigayeah says:

    best shuffler ive seen on youtube

  14. MrRealbubba says:

    This makes me want to shuffle. Thanks to you I am now practicing. Great vid! You really make it look effortless. Keep posting vids.

  15. everytime someone is singing along with the song, he is 1. Stoned or 2. Just feeling the music… youre great dude, keep it on 😀

  16. MT1snickers says:

    i love the combo of deadmau5 and shuffle! great shuffle and song!!! 🙂 subbed!

  17. @ary2000 na, it wasn´t me dude. but thanks anyway 🙂

  18. Hey dude! Epic smooth shuffling right here combined with the perfect chill music. By any chance, were you at the Norddeutschland Sports Gala last Saturday? There was someone there who looked very similar to you and he did some jumpstyle in the middle of the Samba.. It was impressive to see it combined with other dance styles.

  19. RoyalRibosome says:

    @leichi1988 My thoughts exactly. He really “feels the music”. Man I wish I could dance like that! Not to impress anyone, just to have that freedom of expression.

  20. mines never smooth :/ how do i make it smooth?

  21. HolyXgamers says:

    awsome shuffling bro keep it up!
    Check out some of my videos? 🙂

  22. chung nguyen can do this better 😀

  23. FranMonsterBunnyRawr says:

    U got this song hook onto me :DD

  24. FranMonsterBunnyRawr says:

    Hii((: suu cute xD really good job!!! ^^

  25. CUTE!!!