It´sa really smooth minimal track and I just let it go during shuffle. track: Paul Kalkbrenner - Aaron

Best Hardstyle and Shuffle songs part 1

These are my favorite shuffle songs! Please give a rating or comment!! =d Check also my part 2 and part 3! songs: 10. Bass Agents - Street Spirit 9. Donkey Rollers - Silver Bullet 8. Technoboy - Rage 7. Dj Virus - Future Shock (BB Mix) 6. Dark Oscillators - Stereophobia 5. Headhunterz - Rock Civilisation 4. Organ Donors - 99.9 (2007 Mix) 3. Frank-E - Strezzkip 2. Scope Dj - Lockdown 1. Dj Korsakoff - My Empty Bottle (Brian NRG Remix)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

48 Responses to “Super Chill Shuffle – Aaron”

  1. TranceDevoted says:

    ich wette das jeder chick für dih in die reie steht wenn du im club bist :p

  2. Psycho1295 says:

    I like that chilled Style

  3. Scooter1787 says:


  4. hyparDanceFreek says:

    @HYSM90s Have a peek at what I originally said. This was on a work laptop where controls are restricted. Youtube did not have ads before.
    And to sum it all up, I mentioned competition as an answer and put it out there for others. If you don’t like seeing bitching, don’t read it, it’s the internet.

  5. HYSM90s says:

    @hyparDanceFreek Not a reasonable one. Can’t even sit and watch something for 30 seconds on a service you get for free. It’s not even like it happens every video and there are thousands of simple and easy ways to bypass them, but apparently you don’t have the will to look. Ad blocker on Firefox, in case your wondering btw.

  6. hyparDanceFreek says:

    @HYSM90s I was bitching WITH a cause not without a cause dipshit.

  7. HYSM90s says:

    @hyparDanceFreek Bitching without a cause gets you nowhere.

  8. hyparDanceFreek says:

    @HYSM90s Good thing there’s fucking HYSM90 with an s, to point that out.

  9. HYSM90s says:

    @hyparDanceFreek Can’t about things you don’t pay for. Although they should make that an option in my opinion. It’s annoying seeing every inconsiderate fucker complaining about it.

  10. hyparDanceFreek says:

    Oh my God, I just got a 30 second advert… I can see someone starting a new Youtube or something cuz this is dumb sometimes with the ads

  11. TheBarkinFrog says:

    Just watched this while listening to Joe Bonamassa “Last Kiss.” It was the craziest thing I’ve ever seen. But it worked. Loved it.

  12. Morlokx says:

    kommt drauf an wo man is und was man machen will. Socken auf parkett is gemütlich und Barfuß is für mehr kontrolle. Schuhe hönnen beides sein, je nach Schuh und Boden.

  13. Renno1997 says:

    Empfielhst du shufflen eher barfuß oder mit Schuhen/socken?

  14. Bad1ker says:

    I’ve been coming back to this vid every couple of months now for over 2 years, and still love it!

  15. MyFirstFight says:

    Die Hose ist Sau Geil :O xD

  16. TheOmma12 says:

    @alexseib haha ok lol ^^ nice 😀

  17. alexseib says:

    @TheOmma12 der track heißt Aaron :)

  18. AzzoFresh420 says:

    @XBOXPwnStarx they’re called phat pants and its there because its more looser than regular pants

  19. sorak31771 says:

    echt chillig xD

  20. highfish01 says:

    verdammt! es sieht so einfach aus! ;D

  21. TeLeTaBix3 says:

    @TheZewaSofties2 mee too -.-“

  22. ImaShufflerYehBoi says:

    Thanks Awesome, but reef are ranky with out socks. 🙂

  23. wushuffler says:

    der track is der wahnsinn!!!!

  24. TheOmma12 says:

    Hahah mein bester freund heißt auch aaron glaube ich und er beneiden dich echt darum wie gechillt gut du shuffln kannst! Topst echt alle!!!!!

  25. schniepelwinz says:

    @SIRxPANDABEAR hey, nothing against jerking 🙂 i do both, shuffle and jerk. don´t worry, i liked the vid 😉

  26. Swampert93 says:


  27. est101010 says:

    Organ DOnors was better than #1

  28. SIRxPANDABEAR says:

    14 people still do the jerk.

  29. chino12332 says:

    those 14 people who dislike this are gay this is badazz shuffle music

  30. 0mnipus says:

    @imingunit1 yes it is

  31. CohesiveOverkill says:

    LONG LIVE SCOPE DJ!!!!!!!!

  32. foot331 says:

    Show me some malasia songs!! anyone knows some?

  33. diyanuh says:

    I wish I could Hard style. I can only shuffle D:

  34. TheSaki440 says:

    dude for real were looking for like malasion trippy music not no jumpstyle get ur shit rite

  35. KoshimaruKisara says:

    budadinho e tão noob que flooda , dps vamu decidi , se deve ser lv 78 neh mulq?
    manda pm qero ver seu lvzin

    by: radesh

  36. xoxsexybitchxox100 says:

    ths is awsome guyss i love these songss xx <3 <3 xx

  37. xoxsexybitchxox100 says:

    ths is awsome guyss i love these songss xx <3 <3 xx

  38. xoxsexybitchxox100 says:

    ths is awsoem guyss xx

  39. Batschakinder0o says:

    they wants to know. what’s cool music 🙂

  40. ce3per4534 says:

    don’t tell me to be cool i am cool

  41. damn hardstyle is life dance

  42. OmgItzPhillip says:

    @thehoneybun1000 has everything

  43. number 3 is SMD – JUST LIKE YOU

  44. jacko122345 says:

    hardstyle will never die!@!

  45. HardstyleChaos1 says:

    awesome vid /watch?v=U_k6z0t4-O4

  46. JonathanPierre1994 says:


  47. JonathanPierre1994 says:


  48. thehoneybun1000 says:

    3. SMD- Just like you (Noisecontrollerz Remix) oh btw can someone tell me where can i dowload the last song from plz?