sydney shuffle meetup 8th december

23 Responses to “sydney shuffle meetup”

  1. Melchiiboi says:

    @08posdom well clearly you don’t go to sydney meetups

  2. flairphantem says:


    That kids jumpstyle makes Melbourne shuffling look like shit.
    Personally I LOVE melbourne shuffle, but DAAAAAAMN.

  3. 08posdom says:

    A shuffle meet up in sydney is pretty much Chinatown only dancing

  4. @TheYoungOne2223

    You Melbourne gronks put Melbourne in front of everything and think you own it..

    The only good thing to come out of Melbourne is the Princess Highway

  5. guards1992 says:

    shuffle all the way 😛

  6. iannlee2000 says:

    well Mel shuffle is like the tree lets say and sydney shuffle is a root just like cali shuffle and whatnot so sydney but sry if i cant answer if i cant answer ur question but btw SOME are named sydney shuffle bcuz theyre in sydney but not all of em

  7. HeavySandvichGuy1 says:

    I can’t see difference between Mel Shuffle and Sydney shuffle?

  8. @MadCheesecake Haha cheah it really looks like that xD
    But on close look it´s a bird flying away 🙂

  9. Wonderful Hardjump! And awsome shffl! Keep it up ppl!

  10. MadCheesecake says:

    did the jumper’s shoe fly off?

  11. eXxtrazZz says:


  12. i thought the guy stacked it at 2:43 haha

  13. FARKAS99100 says:

    2:40 az great

  14. punkerjunker9988 says:

    SPLIT FAIL AT 3:15

  15. MrMuzzashuffla44 says:

    so true
    we should have like a VIC/NSW shuffle meet up

  16. maltaman1997 says:

    wen is the next mmeet up

  17. maltaman1997 says:

    were do u guyz meet up and wen?

  18. @TheYoungOne2223 that sound kinda senseless

  19. no Sydney …….your not Melbourne

  20. 00Stuff00 says:

    Hey Guys Looking for A Syd meet up neer the start of October , could some one keep in touch , cos ima be in syd wanna go to a meet up there pleas keep me in the loop :D

  21. Tahufan1000 says:

    Omg, Fucking nice jumpstyle there dude! He just pwned! That’s the only best jumpstyle I’ve ever seen! And he did the freakin’ splits! You gatta hand it to him guys, he’s pro.

  22. 1hiturnan124 says:

    0:40 he is really really clean!! i liek it best in this vid by far check my shuffle vids out!!

  23. rippedmate279 says:

    fail jumpstyle much