Me doing the Melbourne shuffle Song name: Afrojack Feat. Eva Simons - Take Over Control

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46 Responses to “Take Over Control”

  1. rvdestiny says:


  2. thats sick bro keep shuffling

  3. GLENhtid says:

    check out my electro shuffle to this!
    -McMastaa !


  4. GlamorousMadam says:

    You got some bomb ass skills c:

  5. MarvelousMatty15 says:

    hecka sick(:

  6. PkmnChampionGreen says:

    that’s sick, i wish i could shuffle

  7. MarleenManq says:

    EPIC slow mo in the beqqinin q lmao

  8. marcoa7x1 says:


  9. FireIvy says:

    3 people tried to shuffle and failed to be this awesome

  10. MrTonydaalbo069 says:

    Nastyyyyy with it

  11. nachoos96 says:

    Really good but why u wearing a hoody indoors

  12. CPpopedd says:

    I Love This Video!This Is My Favorite Shuffling Video On Youtube! You Have SERIOUS Skills. Dont Mind If You Could Post A Tutorial At One Point? I SO Want To Learn This 😀

  13. kittylovespaty says:

    Dang you are VERY good!!

  14. TheKaliforniaGrown says:

    yerr fucken awesome.

  15. TheCelinaNator says:

    Omg! Your So Awesome! BTW Nice House Lol

  16. L0ligagger says:

    u have a really nice house

  17. 1vegadiana says:

    You’re sooo good!!

  18. barbiiemonroexo says:

    You should make a facebook like page :p

  19. 787irenefanCr3w says:

    DAMNNNNN!!! Boy you can freakin shuffel!!!

  20. DJeKTRiiK says:

    i can do the basic shuffle and kicks thats it. but i can still do it! Better than nothing! 🙂

  21. SoYumyum1020 says:

    Ayyee’ this is tight yooo.!!’ iKno half this moves.!!’xD

  22. Giqqlesxx8Oz says:

    Good 🙂

  23. ErgoNoTertillBoy says:

    i hope his socks didnt get holes in them. :

  24. schiassileticia says:

    nossa senhora, dança demais caaaaaara *-*

  25. Dragontron20 says:

    I can beat him! :3

  26. well.. jumpstyle seems to have devolved to full retard since the last time i watched a vid, seriously just what? go back to the roots, its better back there..

  27. JumperPestak says:

    LoL ??? Speed Up ??? You are Retard !! 😀

  28. azt3c2005 says:

    for the people that wondering the songs !!! bad ass fucking video btw.. all i seen was soul put into these dance i would like this video non stop if i could wish the fucking best!!

    1)Kato Feat. Jon – Turn Off The Lights (Flarup & ABW Remix)

    2)Infuzerz - I see the light (DJ Tool)

  29. sekowictor says:

    1)Kato Feat. Jon – Turn Off The Lights (Flarup & ABW Remix)

    2)Infuzerz – I see the light (DJ Tool)

  30. JumperScot says:

    you lol

  31. HardMover7 says:

    speed up -.-

  32. Narayenko1 says:

    cool :p

  33. RamJumper21 says:

    what is the name of the INTRO SONG scot?

  34. JumperCampion says:

    Pro scot Pro 🙂

  35. JumperScot says:

    Трек лист выложен посмотри)

  36. JumpStyleRenji says:

    Скот виде супер,молодца)))

    Скажи название трека плиз)

  37. Chrundell says:

    ещё бы ты не выиграл 0_0

  38. JumperScot says:

    have in comment`s

  39. Kryniu1996 says:

    Whis the song?

  40. YudiOficial says:

    eu danço free step, mais você é minha inspiração
    By: yuDi Mackenzie

  41. JumperScot says:


  42. What is it?

  43. JumperScot says:


  44. JumperScot says:

    i`m win 

  45. JumperScot says:

    Уууу какие мы)
    Даже в избранном)

  46. maslana261 says:

    omg 10/10 fu*k