After the Christmas we decided to make another video during New Year (sorry i have a wrong spelling in the video) starting: TecHNo GiRL-YeeVern SKSM PoTaTo-Jien Harn SKSM VooGoo-JiaJyn SMKTBM
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Techno Girl ,VooGoo,PoTaTo NEW YEAR SHUFFLE”

  1. PokyxPok says:

    Can I get techno girl’s number? Jk lol. My opinion, she’s one of the best girl shuffler I’ve ever seen. Plus, her style makes her look cute lol.

  2. jienharn says:

    zzzzzzzzz only got 18k viewers only leh need more ==!!

  3. chipmunksrull2008 says:

    you da shiznit that cool id love to learn how tah shuffle like that and i will

  4. shadowslayer848 says:

    hey what r the songs plz im just gettin into techno and i’m stock pilying tonnes of songs plz comment on my page the names =]

    ps you guys rock!!

  5. MrEsekrazy5 says:

    most of asian dance this style of dance 😛

  6. 1ZEROXZA1 says:

    the first girls rocks on beuty and shufflin

  7. Bonkersgirl12 says:

    is the girl sped up ? :/


  9. dianaroxs007 says:

    da girl is tight!

  10. EclipseManiac2719 says:

    Black Winter by Bass agents

  11. dummbach1 says:

    whats the name of the first song

  12. dj00lazz says:

    cuz there body´s are almost born to it

  13. StomperJayzon says:

    Rofl 😀 that girl own you all 😀
    your truly Jayzon 😉

  14. Why is that practically only asians do the shuffle?

  15. theklad007 says:

    great video but watch this:


  16. keep it up, it’s good moves 🙂 I learn alot from it, thanks for uploading

  17. the girl is the only good one lol

  18. kewLooser97 says:

    whats the first song

  19. Edgekrusher44 says:

    Whats the third song with the chick? whats the song name?

  20. Edgekrusher44 says:

    Fuck ya! Black winter by BASSAGENTS!!!!!! HELL YA ALL THE WAY.

  21. ImyourFiend says:

    i`m a cyber and i like cyber and the art of dancing
    but this shit looks really great
    electronic music for life

  22. need song at 2:20min

  23. awsomesss says:

    techno girl is one of the best girl shuffler ive seen

  24. danco1378 says:


  25. like!!!it!!!!