Just defending the style I love best in response to ppl bashing them on youtube. The Best Shuffle Styles describes the shuffle style that I think fits best with hardstyle and hard trance music. In fact, any kind of hard dance music that's really fast. I've seen videos on youtube of old school melbourne shuffle with hardstyle music and the comments on those videos. A lot of comments are bashing the "overuse" of the running man and too much stomping. I feel most of the bashers are shufflers who are cannot do the running man fast enough and go hard at the same time. Can you really do the T-shuffle softly and feel like you're going at the right tempo for HARDSTYLE music?? I don't think so. When the music is pounding so hard you just wanna keep on stomping cuz that's what it makes me feel like I wanna do. It just feels right. I can't shuffle as GREAT as the shufflers in this video but I think they are amazing. I love their styles. Unlike a lot of shufflers. Tracklist (ongoing edit lol): Punkbuster's - What Dark oscillators - Stereophobia Paxi - Fixi (deepforces remix) Trance Generators - The Juvenile (Hardcore Suckas Original Mix) Deepforces - Harder Synergy - The anthem 2007 Niaa's song is unknown Karpe DM - Gansterz n' Hustlers Masif dj's - Awakening (Steve Hill vs Dark By desing Mix 2B4TH - Never Alone 2
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “The Best Shuffle Styles”

  1. drifter01z says:

    Now, I’m not saying shuffling is played out, because people have incorporated alot of different styles to it and made it a craze. Seriously, it has blown up world wide. So, now I got to ask, what’s next. Who is gonna step forward and take that the world by storm, and make everyone drop their jaws in awe? What’s next?

  2. iicolorful1 says:

    @woopsblog not all shuffle is melbourne, but some are. it depends

  3. все просто прекрасно))))молодец!!!)

  4. I Like this crazy japanese kid house :D

  5. helstonrampersad says:

    @kalalit THIS IS SPARTA!!!

  6. Tmack22222 says:

    @imyourlordsz guy named eddie was fat and he was still a beast sumhow

  7. is shuffle melbourne?

  8. i think my shuffle is hard because every time i shuffle in my socks, they have a lot of holes after :/

  9. and btw you’re doing great .

  10. 3:14 Good Handwork :)

  11. sharkyonaleash says:

    i don’t like the slow shufflers too 😛 but i’m no hater i just turn of the video if the beat isn’t faster than house or just skip the slow part and head straight to hardstyle 😛 heck i can’t even shuffle to slow music (just doesn’t give me the energy :P) so hardstyle and espetialy hardtrance is the thing for me 😉 shame though that back in lithuania if ur lucky u can only get psy trance at some rave witc isn’t bad but still doesint come close to the harder styles 😛

  12. Not a troll, but coming from a dancer who specialize in footwork. Hardstyling, shuffling or whatever u call it isnt impressive when compared to other styles of footwork. I can hardstyle I prefer not to, when the flow rely is easy to do. Beats are easy to hit, and very repetitive. Housing, top rock, up rock etc try incorporating

  13. xDSefyrusxD says:

    The Shuffler 3 is the best

  14. nice video 10/10 =)

  15. Slash1234678 says:

    @imyourlordsz haha i dont got abs but my stomach is rock solid LOL

  16. TheMaverickSpawn says:

    3:00 he started a shuffle quake

  17. Medusaogre says:

    Dude the first kid has the same shirt of my old middle school pe shirt lol

  18. LeftyFlipsta says:

    Where can I get some of those big ole’ baggy pants?!?! I really want some >:D!!!

  19. PS: I am also getting my phat pants in december ~santa gift 🙂

  20. ok, im a girl, i dance hardstyle(just like you I LOVE HARDSTYLE) but i look creazy while dancing it? i got a few videos of me dancing it, but need to work more on the running man since i care more of the slides side to side, instead of running man, i admit your shuffle is quiet good,
    check out my shuffle if you think the same, because i think it doesnt fit with beat.

  21. asians are always good dancers

  22. The voice my mind connecting the text to sounded annoying…

    but im just a hater though anyway, really

  23. TheIcyvoid says:

    Wow good job!

  24. @imyourlordsz It’s a solid workout. Always a blast to do

  25. i love this video! too much annotations btw, very irritating, but NICE