IMHO it's the best shuffler. One guy of those "Blue screen shufflers" Edited by me ­čÖé Music: Clubringer & Kasia Lesing - Sound of my dream (Dj Speed Remix) Download here: By the way, seems like dude name is Eric.

25 Responses to “The best shuffler I’ve ever seen”

  1. bulbolator says:

    cool wormup.. when does´╗┐ he stard shuffling?

  2. mongo00126 says:

    Sick ass dance i wish´╗┐ i could shuffe that good

  3. CriticalCruxifixtion says:

    I am a shuffler. Check my channel! :)´╗┐

  4. I hate´╗┐ this song -___-

  5. DonCardenio says:

    @LPERIC BRO. If this is you, and you find yourself on this page. You need to hook´╗┐ the internet up with more videos of this. Your shuffles got swag.

  6. BlueyFromMelbShuffle says:


    Well that’s one´╗┐ dandy way to say I’m right 8|

  7. @BlueyFromMelbShuffle
    cool story bro´╗┐ ­čÖé

  8. BlueyFromMelbShuffle says:


    This is footage from the Melbourne Shuffler doc,´╗┐ which was filmed in Melb clubs way before WDH existed.

  9. 240p ..we meet´╗┐ again..THERE somebody needed to say it.

  10. That’s probably´╗┐ not even how they did it in aussie clubs… wedancehard video’s are proof

  11. Deliasplit says:

    both styles are great in their own´╗┐ way… but i like this one more, coz its, i dont know how to say… more dynamic maybe

  12. JeffrisBoy says:

    @Deliasplit Beacause People like the fast melbourne shuffle. Not the´╗┐ slow old school shuffle.

  13. Deliasplit says:

    why so´╗┐ many dislikes?

  14. OMGltsFred says:

    is´╗┐ this victor?

  15. modxkeith says:

    i wish more people would shuffle like this, without caring what others think.´╗┐ Just for the fun of it

  16. blessedmommyof4kidz says:

    MICHEAL is that u lol well done got skilllllls´╗┐ u go boye!

  17. @HardStyleForeverHSF´╗┐ Oh the irony…

  18. Anduser521 says:

    Chuck Norris can shuffle´╗┐ better then this!.

  19. zomerwtcrew says:

    dude this´╗┐ kind of shuffle is dead

  20. HardStyleForeverHSF says:


  21. CriticalCruxifixtion says:

    Im a shuffler. Check my´╗┐ channel! ­čÖé

  22. StormAWalker says:

    Remember, “Shuffle to´╗┐ express, not to impress”~

  23. StormAWalker says:

    Still can’t believe how many people are saying this isn’t shuffling.´╗┐ Lets try something here…Shuffling shouldn’t be how fast you can do it, you have to go with the beat of the music. Honestly from what I’ve seen often, most kids or as they call themselves “shufflers” tends to want to go as fast as they can. Which is in fact very easy. I’ve seen more people fuck up on the slower songs than the faster ones. This is the old style of shuffle and he’s going with the flow which is VERY important.

  24. Neske5678 says:

    Shitty shufflein thumbz up for francis´╗┐ bonez hypnotic n zombie

  25. flairphantem says:


    The “Skill” in the new”er” style. Is the endurance, and being able to make it fancy and not just the running man, while going hard and fast.

    There’s´╗┐ nothing wrong with the style that’s displayed here.