UPDATED: 8/11/09 - I have updated my tutorial, It explains in ALOT more detail that makes it alot more easy 4 u guys Contacts: www.facebook.com this is a clear veiw on all the moves in shuffling including running man, spins, kicks, 2 step, moonwalk 180, moonwalk 360, side step, t - step, t step

25 Responses to “THE COMPLETE MELB SHUFFLE TUTORIAL Beginner-Highly Advanced”

  1. KhaoticGeneration says:

    it would have been cool if in the middle of no where you hear “EVERY DAY IM SHUFFLING” and then the dogs are shuffling with the man

  2. MaxDjblend says:

    That is very kool

  3. MaxDjblend says:

    That is very kool

  4. fancypants0628 says:

    Haha DOGGY SHUFFLE!lol

  5. Mili122100 says:

    nice shuffle tutorial – now i can shuffle very good ;)

  6. blgebobban97 says:

    Dogy style

  7. HungryHungryHomoBear says:

    Ha the dog

  8. miguel2good4u says:

    thanks! it was quite helpfull 🙂

  9. CommunityPerv says:

    i started in 2010 and i still find this helpfull when there is something i need to add ot work on and i send this to all my friends that wanna start shuffling

  10. FanGirlPhobic says:

    Check him out shufflin with his dawgs

  11. tylaranne5 says:

    @gangell7 that cool little dash thing means through like beginner through highly advanced dumbass ha

  12. tylaranne5 says:

    awesome vid (: helped alot!!

  13. MSilentscream says:

    Chicks love shuffling.. Remember that. ==

  14. ToonLinkGaming says:

    Song: Paxi fixi – Deepforces

  15. applefan236 says:

    nice moves, although I’m not really a fan of your taste in music though

  16. ItsNotCheddar says:

    This is what happens, when you record with your toothbrush, kids.

  17. Darkusplayer says:

    Hey wat song did he use does anybody know?

  18. watosqueak says:

    i want to learn this so bad so i can dance all night on new years eve

  19. gangell7 says:

    Beginner highly advanced lol

  20. karolinainseattle says:


  21. supersonic2277 says:

    Paxi fixi

  22. @slashaozzie u meant to say 183,815 🙂

  23. TenGalan0th says:


  24. crazytengek says:

    the running man looks so smooth.. like it..

  25. Darkangel22378 says:

    This was really good but do you think, even though I have sprained my ankle 3 times, that I could still do the t step with a weak ankle or is that kinda impossible since you have to put your weight on it?