6th and final vid This is Josh... the future of the dance... Track: Elle Dee: Voodoo People

21 Responses to “The Newcastle Rockers – Josh”

  1. SouthWestShuffler says:

    Please watch and tell me what you think ,

  2. HDAslider says:

    The best Josh’s vid ever

  3. MrFazzywazzy says:

    If you guys ever do an Asian tour, come by Singapore! Awesome shufflin’ bro. Wish I could have Brenton as my mentor as well. Hahaha.

  4. GhostsMayCry says:

    Josh ish sho GANGSTER!

  5. Affje800 says:

    it’s “Forget about Dre” (by Eminem & Dr. Dre).

  6. giovanni565 says:

    always love watching you guys shuffle 🙂

  7. dirtjumper7077 says:

    whats the starting songgggg!

  8. oficialtwisterchanel says:

    wiiiiiiiiiii 3000 ,josh you era my idol!!!!!!!!!11

  9. TarmacInHazard says:

    really nice shuffle man !!! some moves remember on Len ^^
    greez from germany, we love the newcastles 😉
    pls never stop to shuffle !!!

  10. 1oyaeboo says:

    ahh crap i didnt say any good words to this vid. Awesome sick shuffle!

  11. 1oyaeboo says:

    but u will kinda need million hands to make hat tricks with those hats lol

  12. GR33NEE says:

    cheah right! lol

  13. 1oyaeboo says:

    hehe try to wear that million u bought :P

  14. GR33NEE says:

    blue hat bro i have bout miliion hats thought id do somthing differant lol

  15. 1oyaeboo says:

    Josh get a hat. I cant believe that is u without ur blue hat haha! 😀

  16. abcdf753 says:

    damn josh.. sickest shit!!!
    keep the thug life going big pimin!
    mad props from the folks here in sunny Los Angeles California(ps: Newi Rocks should come visit =D )

  17. ibanezcrow says:

    The speed of spins are amazing. flawless!

  18. Stayc86stayC says:

    nice work there joshy boi.. hopefully ill get to rok u with u guys again one day.. =)

  19. AlexCuzzyWuzzy says:

    thats crazy shit

  20. 1oyaeboo says:

    Awesome rocking dude 😀

  21. statikeffeck says:

    this might be the best one yet! I love the prodigy remix