The real video not the failed attempt. The whole movement of my shuffle. Song : Smack my derp Head Hunterz My 2nd melbourne shuffle video. Ye si was kinda sloppy at points

4 Responses to “The Real Melbourne shuffle”

  1. skiduchiha says:

    Yeah kinda got sloppy i knew when i was doing suckish haha but thanks 🙂 And i will keep practicing and also i can’t wait till i get my phat pants 😀 so excited!

  2. skiduchiha says:

    Thanks bro i’ve been working so hard on melbourne shuffling. It’s what i do now haha 😀 when the snow clears up here i’m going to make a video outside 😀

  3. st3ffen1 says:

    quite well, but continue to practice the basics and transitions 😉

  4. GuyGonik says:

    Hey dude, I came here from my video.
    If you want some tips about the melbourne shuffle stay contact (:
    PS: that’s great for 6 days wow