Here comes the first style showcase video of the German Rockers, featuring Ben. Enjoy and stay tuned for upcoming showcases!

The Hardstyle Inferno - We Curse The Bass! (Part 2)

THI bring you a new video, We Curse The Bass part 2. it's continuation of part 1 😀 Edited by thi / Apixz worldwide shufflers - thi / Metz - thi / Malz - thi / Mcbell - thi / Apixz - thi / Nizar - thi / Berts - thi / Hassan - thi / Genesis - thi / Fiqq - thi / Alwin - thi / Ralf - thi / Danny - thi / Alee - thi / Zique - thi / Kachuk - Leave a comment and like. Subs me too. LONG LIVE THI ! 😀 Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.
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50 Responses to “TheGermanRockers – Ben’s Style Showcase”

  1. HDRobot1000 says:

    Glad to know you and I understand eachother now. :D Peace out.

  2. jasonisanoob123 says:

    Alrighty then, my mistake 🙂

  3. HDRobot1000 says:

    Well yeah sure. Everyone of us has a diferance really. It’s not like I also typed in “He’s totaly using my shuffling style” all it is, is that there are a lot of simalarities with his and my own style. Plus now I really don’t care, Its a beautiful style and comfortable; but now since I just got out of surgery for injuring my knee in a competition I’m going to have to totaly recreat a whole new style so I don’t injur it anyu further. So yeah. This is me, that’s him and this is you.

  4. SouthWestShuffler says:

    Please watch and tell me what you think ,

  5. jasonisanoob123 says:

    If they like the style, let ’em be.

  6. jasonisanoob123 says:

    Everyone’s style is different. And plus, your style isn’t even what is shown in this video.

  7. SouthWestShuffler says:

    His Brain 

  8. SouthWestShuffler says:

    Me too 🙂 , it’s the proper way 🙂

  9. HDRobot1000 says:

    Definitely my style. Just a little bit different on the low side kicks. I love my style, glad to know someone who shares it. 😀
    PRS -|- Sinio

  10. Thewottz says:

    Great style man

  11. jbking1000 says:

    Usually you don’t learn to shuffle like that from someone else. After learning the basics steps in shuffle, you develope your own style. That’s a least what I did =)

  12. W4l3nt1n0 says:

    where did u learn to shuffle like that?

  13. eugene398 says:

    yeah true bro, we all do it for the love of music, i noticed the best way to improve way fatsre is to do it to 150 beats. and yeah the fish eye camera really does the trick

  14. Bizarrnonsense says:

    so what? it’s not like the newcastle rockers invented that style, they aswell just improved something that has allready been there. in general, those crews are not yet on the same level of experience so why comparing them? individual style takes time

  15. eugene398 says:

    too simular to the newcastle rockers, nearly identical footwork not as trained as brentons though, its awsome to rock but even better when a shuffler really stands out like grant from new castle rockers, or pae, more arm moves people, i notices the foot flick makes me knees sore when do it too many times in the clubs so do more gliding instead, yeah add more gliding and stalls

  16. wahlaonousernameone says:

    why do the germans like to shuffle in board shorts?

  17. JuneyahSucker says:

    ben is the man(:

  18. AxelCanDance says:

    Arome – Visions Of Paradise (Dj Scot Project Remix) thats the track name 😀

  19. fluffy1138 says:

    how the hell does this have 8 dislikes ? hell no il add one more thumbs up really good man 🙂

  20. seijishimada07 says:


  21. Dekinhoooo says:


  22. All of you guys are so awesome! 🙂
    I love your videos!

  23. alliothype says:

    ur fucking beast and i love ur steez im practicing this style
    its so beasy
    -Eliot RTC

  24. GR33NEE says:


  25. Hagbrain1990 says:

    Wie immer geil 😀

  26. TyronsBox says:

    @thehardstyleinferno sub back? 😀

  27. thehardstyleinferno says:

    thx mate 🙂

  28. thehardstyleinferno says:

    thx 😀

  29. TyronsBox says:

    sickkk af HR|FTS| Zeal

  30. apixz88 says:

    Thanks for 200 likes :D

  31. yoru1023 says:

    What an amazing video

  32. adellepuntleitner483 says:

    Great video, great quality

  33. song list???

  34. haziqzahari says:


  35. luen131 says:


  36. metzradiohead says:

    thx Sanity 😀

  37. metzradiohead says:

    the best 😉


  38. ieatkidz4breakfast says:

    THIS SUCK! -___-
    …cause your currently the number one crew in Malaysia and people are still hating on you! THI Rocks
    -LE / [UBE] Sanity

  39. dausps2 says:


  40. amiXXfaithbreaker says:

    theycurse the bass sooo hard!!! thumbs up!!!

    THi//AmiX aka Faithbreaker

  41. apixz88 says:

    thanks (:

  42. dannyjsn93 says:

    i love Genesis style

  43. Dr4m4tic says:

    nice stuff!!

  44. amiXXfaithbreaker says:

    did it already 🙂

  45. meeetz131 says:

    can you share this video to your friend? 😀

  46. meeetz131 says:

    6 people equal to jealous 🙂

  47. rayoxox says:

    OMG ! lama gila tak tgk korang shuffle !
    rasa rindu pulak.
    Nice one guys 😀
    keep it up !
    Metz, miss you lah 😀


  48. MrTnt808 says:


  49. amiXXfaithbreaker says:

    THi live forever… dont let the hardstyle die 🙂

    AmiX aka Faithbreaker!!!

  50. TheHeroConnection says:

    Haha, cuz he’s my sexy friend. (66.
    haha, all are awesome! <3

    HERO - Ruy