Melbourne Shuffle TMS - The Maestro Shufflers Ft. Daniel HOPE YOU ENJOY Thank you. SUBSCRIBE MY VIDEOS TO NEW VIDEO RELEASED =]
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25 Responses to “TMS Daniel”

  1. 57BOLT says:

    Daniel kills it no matter who he’s running with . One of my favorite shufflers.

  2. MrShuffleRocks says:

    i broke my neck watching this

  3. Roxas4Sora says:

    Daniel isn’t in TMS anymore for people watching, nor is Francis. Daniel is in HSK and Francis in Bass Captives

  4. Pokemondeivid says:

    name of music??

  5. DaveyC78 says:

    I loooove this track – Fuck It Up by the Wild Motherfuckers 😛

  6. ChaosWZ says:

    You sure the first guy is Daniel? That’s not his style.

  7. FuSiiOnZzClan says:

    wats de song man

  8. worldtimeGTAS says:


  9. yulimatsumura says:

    ESSE É O CARA!!!

  10. Strider265 says:

    name of the first song?

  11. cadfax says:

    the correct spelling is THE MAESTRO SHUFFLE

  12. KENNY200056 says:

    the master shuffler

  13. BooBooStainz says:

    what does tms stand for i cant read it

  14. MyCatIsItchy says:

    sweet man thats 5 starz
    ppl check out my video comment and give tips pls

  15. androowz says:

    Nice man 🙂

  16. Raffahhel says:

    Wonderful bro
    awesome shuffle!!!



  17. cocismaha says:

    awesome! 🙂

  18. Missfukingworld says:

    I wonder how good he is at fucking <3

  19. Alizee0508 says:

    Daniel account is “Danielzz” on youtube

  20. teteubola says:

    gfxward shuffling .. /watch?v=xi27nI6dsSs

  21. aznnGUITAARplaya says:

    its all an opinion haha they both just have different styles lol

  22. hmongshuffle says:

    well some ppl saiding well my bad i didnt know!!!

  23. 1outof5starz says:

    OMG TRY THIS IT WORKS1. Insert a dildo into ur ass2. Hump a lion3. Insert razors into your testicles4. Press F4 and NOTHING WILL HAPPEN!!!IT WORKS EVERY TIME!!!!(Warning you may need medical attention afterwards)

  24. HardStyle69tAtO says:

    Wild Motherfuckers – Fuck it up

  25. slapirl says:

    look at your vid. u can’t even do shit. ur just like almost doing the running man. IN UR HOUSE. hypocrit faggot.