TOP 10 Melbourne Shufflers [2007/08] | Songlist Released

Hey guys! 16 - 01 - 2011 ADD ME & SUBSCRIBE [OTHER ACCOUNTS]: TUTORIALS: This is my TOP 10 Melbourne Shufflers!! TOP 10: - Sacco - Mikki - Rocky - Instinct - Reece - Luke - Anko - Sonic - David - Danielz HOPE U ENJOY (; I'll be putting out the tracklist tomorrow! =] Thanks to "aTrueBelgian" for the idea of this video! UPDATE* 17 - 01 - 2011 I DO NOT OWN ANY SONG[S]! ALL THE CREDITS GOES TO THE OWNERS/ARTISTS! Tracklist: 00:00 - 00:54 - KAT - Gimme Da Bass 00:55 - 01:23 - Citizen - If I Say Stop (Original Mix) 01:24 - 02:12 - Headhunterz - Just Say My Name 02:13 - 02:46 - Bass Agents - Black Winter 02:47 - 03:53 - The Beholder & Max Enforcer - Bitcrusher 03:54 - 05:16 - Phillip Rochard - Music Machine Reloaded (DJ Noise Bandit Remix) 05:17 - 06:06 - Ivan Carsten - Bumpin Hard (Tuneboy Remix) 06:07 - 06:58 - Dj Panda - It's a dream (Motion-X Remix) 06:59 - 07:54 - 4 Clubbers Feat. Silvy - Time (The Hitmen Remix) http - Andrew

25 Responses to “TOP 10 Melbourne Shufflers [2007/08] | Songlist Released”

  1. 13littlelazy says:


  2. req. for shufflers

    1.goofy looking pants that makes people wanna beat your ass dance skillzzzz wich makes you think you’re on crack

    4.a shitty camera

    well… yeaa…. and btw if that all doesn’t work then just pop an xtc pill it wil do the same thing and the camera part some1 wil film you making an ass out of yourself becuz cmon no1 dances like this for fun they probably got some1 pointing a gun to some1 head am i right hell yesss

  3. xXxSM0EKWE3DxXx says:

    shuffling is so gay

  4. Bonez should have been in this…

  5. ninutts888 says:

    RECCE, SONIC ARE THA BEST AND THERE HOOOOOTTTT HA ohhh and phat pants are coOOOOl people man Y do people dis them?? <3 ya Melbourne shufflers ur dah best <3

  6. What’s the song at 9:19 ?

  7. chino12332 says:

    are they in any order?

  8. Addiction4339 says:

    i think you put them in order backwards sir

  9. mcgolfland says:

    i rolled my anko trying to shuffle.

  10. gamerboy123able says:

    wats mikkis song called

  11. xXxArtistic says:

    Check out our new video. Down 4 the shufflers vol1. We took our time editing some of the best shufflers. Its on my page so hit that like button and subscribe let us know what u think. The next video will be down 4 the Glover vol 1. SO STAY TUNED. Thank u

  12. hskrichardtang2 says:

    at 0:58 wen he sed “Mikki” he sounded like a pokemon……

  13. itsmickgrylls says:

    eh hem!!! wheres francis?

  14. mrcslgsma69 says:

    nice pants

  15. strstefanstr says:


  16. HardstyleAndrew1 says:

    @dalooneybin Because the members of the crew get older – They get a job, and they probably don’t have time to shuffle or make videos.. They get a “real” life 🙂

  17. LordDarkcut says:

    Sounded so funny….

  18. dragnov252 says:

    looks like they’re wearing HOVER SHOES!!! :DD

  19. SketchyDG says:

    Sonic ftw

  20. lance85898589 says:

    Apparently I remind people of rocky

    Nice video

  21. Doortjee1 says:

    i hope sacco is number one??

  22. DutchSStyle says:

    i like rocky, started shuffling after seeing some shuffling vid of him

  23. redeyesguy says:

    ew years ago two parents went out for dinner. Few hours later, the babysitter was calling to see if she could cover up the clown statue in the kids’ room, the father said Get the kids and get out of the house, we’ll call the police, we don’t have a clown statue”. The “clown statue” was actually a killer that escaped from jail. If you don’t post this on10 videos tonight the clown will be in your bed at 3:00am with a chainsaw in his hand

  24. MegaMusic110 says:


  25. HardstyleAndrew1 says:

    @xDrKZx They are called “Phat Pants” – They make your shuffle look more fluid 🙂