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25 Responses to “Tribute to KFC Hot Rods”

  1. enthizM says:


  2. actionkaman92 says:

    lolololol he’s the old me dude == it’s suck
    nevertheless.. tq 🙂
    hotb- chio 🙂

  3. adultdating100 says:

    5 Stars Short Video

  4. UltimateZio says:

    at 0:09 that soundtrack was from Persona 4 right ?

  5. NeoRoman1 says:

    Chio’s beast!!

  6. MRvonnebenan says:

    lol ! very nice :D

  7. Denz0rTV says:

    like!!! like your style ,!! bro
    visit my channel 🙂

  8. NHShaynneProductions says:

    looks like bonde had one too many hot rods 0.o

  9. MrTesoto says:


  10. SirUncleCid says:

    Probably sloppiest shufflers ever.

  11. 2:48 kkkkkkkk
    3:00 o melhor

  12. HardstyleMyShuffle says:

    Is GLAXER wearing Tripp Pants?

  13. HardstyleMyShuffle says:

    What Type Of Pants Does GLAXER Wear??
    ….P.S Where’d Ya’s Get The Suspenders!

  14. kawa1spaz says:

    Those are called flares…

  15. vallenittifyra says:

    Hey where to buy those suspenders you guys where?!?

  16. MonsterEnergyNinja says:

    Glaxer got his pants from hottopic it looks like… Lol. Id only know cause I did too

  17. AryanMotherfucker says:

    richtig geiles vid xd sau gut seit ihr

  18. mrs2spackenfan says:

    Your nice 🙂 From Germany 😀

  19. mrs2spackenfan says:

    hdk bonde is fat

  20. FunkyMonkeyMachine says:

    haha this is awesome 😀

  21. sharkyonaleash says:

    eating+shuffling=barfing i know that 😀
    nice vid XP

  22. haterstyl says:

    LOL nice vid dudes :D

  23. nice boys but tha is the best from all his style is mas????

  24. Spirit90Inspire says:


  25. ExoMemphiz says:

    You mean “Harder Better Faster Stronger”?

    Althrough it is some remix of it, you can try to search around for it^^

    Best Regards,