Tubbie Melbourne Shuffle

This video is the 3rd Tubbie Dancing movie! After the jumpstyle and tecktonik, they tried to make a Melbourne Shuffle compilation. Linky Winky, Bow-Ner and Tipsy went to Antwerp to do this. Locations: de Meir (boerentoren), Groenplaats, Schelde, voetgangerstunnel... Teletubbies Tubbie Tubbies Melbourne shuffle melbshuffle unrestricted shuffle hardstyle compilation

25 Responses to “Tubbie Melbourne Shuffle”

  1. SplitMynd says:

    The costumes make this video epic 😀

  2. who cares the vid is fun

  3. SuperShevii says:

    haha i like the playboy bunny on the purple ones arse ;D and this is also a very entertaining video 😀

  4. yungjuvi08974 says:

    purple 1 got a playboy bunny on his but

  5. ISMAIL2088 says:

    what song for greean tubies?

  6. dylanlaww says:

    <3 this hahah makes me laugh :D

  7. bobtheazkicker10 says:

    Walking isnt melbourne shuffling o.o

  8. wendyvigor says:

    well done tubbies 🙂 lol

  9. lakota012345 says:

    the musics cool but the dancing….. not so much….. lol :)

  10. martinz280 says:

    tubbies know how it dance

  11. xxSarahxx0212 says:

    if ur gonna do the running man do it right!!!!

  12. Orlandoo95 says:


    song pls <3

  13. iShuffleBoy says:

    noobs nice running-shit not man shit

  14. AznRWack says:

    thaahahahahaha xD
    nieuwe belgische driekleur :’)

  15. azerte30 says:

    ze zijn hillarisch xd

  16. mikecauberghs says:

     Punkbusters – What

  17. DjShredderbeat says:


  18. sonnych69 says:


  19. LIROYfull says:

    1º song i need i need I NEED ! <-------

  20. DarkRockRipper says:

    they suck but its really funny and entertaining XD then again i dont think there being too serious about it other then the running man it isnt really too bad like even i cant do the one spin at 1:06 + then again i get dizzy after 1 spin haha

  21. sweetman92 says:

    i love the scene at 1:19 …^^
    pls tell me the name of the first song at 0:40

  22. thesleepydude says:

    this is what youtube is about hahaha omg its great!

  23. MrNuclearFilmz says:

    This is pure pwnage I love it!

  24. NICKGOLDY12 says:

    thats not the melbourne shuffle

  25. Ruforzitos says:

    alaverga m cago en su reputamadreee no saben de la cultura del shuffle ejor ponganse a bailar texanas m cae de madre k kiera agarrar un bat con clavos y sembrarselos en el culo¡¡ malparidos de mierda