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Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “VKTRS [Melbourne Shuffle]”

  1. antievil007 says:

    rip it up jen

  2. jota666000 says:

    Very good!

  3. thebreker6 says:

    youre f*cking good man but the running man looks on me much different 🙁 tips?

  4. ManActiveRadio says:

    no thanks

  5. ManActiveRadio says:

    whats the first songs name?

  6. LosPikasMax says:

    Muito massa tu dança muito . so uma coisa fico ruim podia ter tirado as sua cuecas do varal rsrs .

  7. pedromatter says:

    fecal velho , punho fechado , q porra é essa?

  8. Zortkalo says:

    realy nice =)

  9. accountsforme1 says:

    dudee, i’m craap at shuffling and all i ever do, is the normal boring stuff..

  10. SergioSeen says:

    name song ?? nombre de la cancion

  11. ManActiveRadio says:

    @flyerserviceRS nigga you a homo

  12. ManActiveRadio says:

    whats the first songs name??? plz

  13. D4rkS4skeTheBest says:

    I have problem with the running man D:

  14. hardstyleDNB says:

    no offense man, but the undies hanging out to dry in the background totally put me off xD

  15. TheThedubstep says:

    4:00 What song name ??

  16. yarizxsun says:

    what is this song called??!

  17. flyerserviceRS says:


  18. ArcanjoNaruto says:

    o melhor que ja vi até agora fera

  19. kill0289 says:

    good tut

  20. SuperSamBarlow says:


  21. tchola07 says:

    manda mtoo fi parabenss

  22. abergirlme says:

    @ruff870 TRUEE DATT =]

  23. abergirlme says:

    damnnn ure good at hardstyle thanks to you i learned all ure steps and i know how lmao thanks!!!lol and keep it up =D

  24. gey song

  25. grundeeees 😛 nice tut