Wild (Shuffle) Silence - Neelix Remix

Track is a part of the Neelix myspace set.Just check out his page to get it - 47 minutes of pleasure 😉 www.myspace.com original trackname: Jochem Peterson & Tom Hill - Wild Silence (Neelix Remix)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

24 Responses to “Wild (Shuffle) Silence – Neelix Remix”

  1. TheTeakroy says:

    And try to buy some cool neons in the back!

  2. TheTeakroy says:

    @Essalcantshuffle High is good .

  3. TheTeakroy says:

    Let’s be High and meditate and forget our bad memories and will be happy.

  4. raphaffhemp says:

    A Stan Smith FTW :)

  5. LikealolipopDK says:

    Looks really epic with his shadow in the wall d:

  6. MikkiZHskDK says:

    it actually looks good with your arms, IMO i think you need to train speed in RM and more smoothness in sync between Tstep and RM 😉 also get a spin or 2 in and it will be great 🙂

    {BH] MikkiZ Aka ThundeRZ the Yellow Flash

  7. 69lobocop says:

    DUDE!!…u dont know how many times i watched this vid!…ur others r awesome but this is quality!

    Real ‘Master @Work’! 🙂

  8. Relax3FBI says:

    i have put it on facebook 😀

  9. oholiboko says:

    Awsome shuffelin moves and great choice of music, keep it up bro!

  10. Thelars3n says:

    subbed 🙂

  11. MrNogginz says:

    whats the name of this song?

  12. MsSomuchmore says:

    TEACH ME ;D haha… great song thoise by the way !

  13. ParrickXX says:

    du bist cool alter :)

  14. will mit dir party machen!!!

  15. Nova2litre111 says:

    Urban Monkeys – Dance Baby, have a shuffle to that mate!

  16. Nova2litre111 says:

    wow… some serious shapes here, Id bounce with you

  17. 0911Rezan says:


  18. the shadow looked kwl, but u scuk

  19. scottclements78 says:

    This is how I imagine I look when I dance. Awesome choice of music too.

  20. 00:37 – 00:42 looks like one of these exercise vids… “and one, and two…and one, and two” lol
    Awesome shuffling dude!! 😉

  21. This is the best shit I’ve seen in YEARS! 😀

  22. viibetribe says:

    come to Denmark and learn me how you do It 😉 hah

  23. MRGangster6191 says:

    view my channel and return the favoe. new here so tell me wut u think about ma shufflingg:]!…………comment plzz

  24. Essalcantshuffle says:

    @Morlokx its because of the start of ur dance ur eyes look like ur high 😀