DIRTY ELECTRO MELBOURNE SHUFFLE ROCKING! LONG TUFF DAY AT WORK, HAD TO GET OUT OF THE HOUSE AND CRANK SOME DIRTY ELECTRO, TAGS : shuffling hardstyle reverse bass len we dance hard NR newcalste rockers LMFAO running man 2011 HD how to best dancing moves hat boy jarrad alalmbie sydney music qdance defqon cars loud new amazing magic slide DC break techno shuffle rocking melbourne old school how to running man new HD best compilation len wedancehard newcastle rockers brenton hiltzy pae sarah LMFAO party rock anthem every day im shuffling facebook twitter qdance scantraxx bass controll powerhouse jarrad peters hardstylestudio dance music australia NR GR german justin

25 Responses to “WOW THATS DIRTY – Electro Shuffle 2012”

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  2. TGrZGaming says:

    @kushlife7 have you seen any of his other vids? lol investigate before trolloing, Dickhead

  3. aZzzZssszzZz says:

    what this is song ?

  4. crazytengek says:

    whats the song name?

  5. XxBlackPythonxX says:

    not electro shuffle though ….. :/

  6. Starter to electro/house shuffle, check out my first vid tell me what you thin thank you

  7. rocker806 says:

    Man been loving all you videos lately, keep up the good work!!…You always find the perfects spots to make vids.. btw could you give me the name of this track? And forget all the guys dissing on your vids they probably can’t even shuffle , they just jealous cause your amazing lol

  8. Alkenphel says:

    @BLGspark LMFAO will drive themselves off a bridge if they see this lol

  9. cookiemosta555 says:

    Who noticed it?? 01:30 thumbs up x)

  10. DoragonNinjaS says:

    Sick electro man.

  11. altimashkov says:

    good shit bro, thats some talent right there

  12. LMFAO must watch this…

  13. peepers32 says:

    you are such a BEAST!

  14. @Hardstylestudi0 No worries mate, been a fan since I saw u filming at utopia like 2yrs ago lol. Keep rocking!

  15. TechnoEchoFilms says:

    u always find the best spots

  16. jamesdizzle420 says:

    man you sure do get alot of hate for making such awsome videos…you know your doing good when the only negative thing someone can say is ur feet are to big….thats kinda like saying th e sky is to blue……anyways keep up the phat rocking and dont let the haterS discourage you your fucking awsome dude

  17. JPShuffleStudio says:

    @r4co1 you honestly calling someone a faggot because of what shoes they wear? lol

  18. Hardstylestudi0 says:

    @riflz HAHAH TROLLED! thanks bro sick of these kids who run their mouth on the net

  19. MSMCchile says:

    You rock, Jarrad!
    As always, dude 🙂

  20. @r4co1 go upload some more runescape videos faggot…

  21. Hardstylestudi0 says:

    @MrMelleBoy We shot a hardstyle video 2 days ago

  22. MrMelleBoy says:

    any new vid coming soon?
    looking forward to it

  23. Hardstylestudi0 says:

    @kushlife7 doesn’t even make sense douche…..

  24. Hardstylestudi0 says:

    @noobyworks funny thing about being tall your feet are big which cause you to require big shoes

  25. kushlife7 says:

    Crap…. Loser Hiding In A Building