[www.shufflin.net] Melbourne Shuffle Tutorial Part 1 (Basics, Runningman, Shuffle, Transitions)

PART ONE: Beginner basics, things to know before you start Also teaches the Shuffle, Runningman, and how to transition back and forth. Good Shufflers: ALL OF LEN'S VIDS FEATURE EXCELLENT SHUFFLERS. www.youtube.com/leonardhall Other nice shufflers: www.youtube.com www.youtube.com www.youtube.com www.youtube.com www.youtube.com VISIT WWW.SHUFFLIN.NET FOR TUTORIALS, SHUFFLE VIDEOS, AND MORE. Shuffling Stick Man 😀 www.youtube.com Good Artists: 2 Playaz Abject Alex Coon Alpha Twins Alpha Zone Baxx Agents Blutonium Boy Brennan Heart Brainkicker Builder Cosmic Gate Dark Oscillators DHHD Deadmau5 Deepforces DJ Dean DJ Isaac DJ Lady Dana DJ Duro DJ Merlin DJ Neo DJ Noxide DJ Pavo DJ Slideout DJ Sona DJ Zany Donkey Rollers Equal Mindz Ganjagaru Hardstatic Hardstyle Masterz Heahunterz Joop Lowriders Marcel Woods Mikkas Mindstompers Noisecrontrollers Patrick Bunton Paxi Project Well Rebel D Showtek Speedwave Technoboy Tunebusters Walt

25 Responses to “[www.shufflin.net] Melbourne Shuffle Tutorial Part 1 (Basics, Runningman, Shuffle, Transitions)”

  1. V3n9eanc3 says:

    @dragonx2040 thanks ^^

  2. dragonx2040 says:

    @V3n9eanc3 When you’re practicing slowly, step by step, exaggerate the distance. Make sure your feet are as far as you want before shuffling to the middle step of the runningman.

  3. V3n9eanc3 says:

    When i do the runningman, my feet always end up way too close together.. Is there an effective way to learn it the right way?

  4. KingDarkAuras says:

    wuts song @ beginning?

  5. 656watever says:

    You’re good.

  6. tomanyusernames2 says:

    i beat box while shuffling and dance to my own beats

  7. rukianichigo4ever says:

    I Cant Switch From Running Man To T-Step But Da Other Way Around -.-

  8. pixaay143 says:

    i can do all the steps but i cant put them together!! :((

  9. MrDevilish483 says:

    he is ooo beautiful XDD

  10. AncientLTD says:

    Gonna watch this video OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER again.

  11. narutodamp says:

    @dragonx2040 the foot need to be flat? coz its hard to keep em flat and when i do shuffle it looks so weird
    cant understand how u guys do it 😛

  12. Zaiilence says:

    t-step real easy… been practicing alot on RM but still can’t do it…
    all anyone ever say is more practice but it ain’t working <.<

  13. LoveXNarutoX says:

    Thanks!! I Finally learned the runningman, but the shuffle is a little bit difficult XD I hope i can learn it! 🙂 Thanks a lot! ^^

  14. kctraceur says:

    I just recently started, and while I’m still shuffling slow as fuck, this tut helped me to go from blocky ugly slowasfuck shuffling to smoother prettier slowasfuck shuffling. Thanks 🙂

  15. Ihowington says:

    Thanks for the help!

  16. 31808Lizette says:

    All about malashian shuffle:))

  17. quintlyc13 says:

    LMFAO send me here.

  18. Finally a video with helpful transition info. Thanks.

  19. souleaterzombies says:

    so i been doing this about a mouth now i added more things to it i learn the krochen as well, but pretty much i started off with your video thank you (:

  20. OMG THANK YOU it helped so much 🙂

  21. am i supposed to bounce??

  22. nice vid 😀 i seem to get the t-step or shuffle. but running man… i saw another toturial where a dude did his best on running man and then used slow motion 😀 i could keep up with the slow motion 😀 well practise makes good and i started about half a week ago XD gonna practise a couple of hours each day and become good 🙂

  23. dragonx2040 says:


    Again, lots of practice. Try just moving your left foot when you’re going right, then practice tapping your foot down with it.

  24. iwemattlack says:

    i cant seem to go right =,(

  25. souleaterzombies says:

    ok i made a video its just me having fun, i know i messed up too alot, but it was fun, still practicein from what i learned from you, check it out. tell me what more i should learn on? plz thanks cutie (: