just a short vid,, ^_^ enjoy watchin

25 Responses to “ZeZe’s Shuffle (Dark Oscillators – Stereophobia)”

  1. awsomeness23dd says:


  2. DoubleSlayerXXX says:

    How you do that spin towards the end, thats insane =D

  3. O.o i wanna se some gliding my kinda sure learn Asian shuffling please.

  4. @MissSparklyCeCe lol. ur just being nice haha,, but thanka you <3

  5. MissSparklyCeCe says:

    Finally a good shuffle to a good song! Know this is an old video but still 🙂

  6. RobertGravett says:

    this guy sucks ass at shuffleing. look up mvs/farancis shuffle

  7. @MT1snickers lol this is really old, honestly i really think i sucked here haha <3

  8. MT1snickers says:

    fuck yeahhhhhh ZeZe!!! freaking amazing shuffle mate!!!!!!! love it ,so good!!

  9. @DoubleSlayerXXX O_O thank you <3

  10. DoubleSlayerXXX says:

    I just added this to my favourites cause its FUCKING EPIC!!!!

  11. @sonboy24 im not that good lol. but thanks,, keep practicing! =)))

  12. sonboy24 says:

    I want to be as good as you one day 😀

  13. @BubbleTEAzer llol thank u :3

  14. BubbleTEAzer says:


  15. AnythingButHuman says:

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  16. @dorkman135 hmmm first i learned and master the basic of melbourne shuffle, like running man, tstep, switching, then practiced spins , slides, then i watched pro shuffle videos , i tried to imitate their moves,, then once i kinda got them down i tried making my own style, then, i even combined mine and others, it really depends on the shuffle, =)) by making videos u will see ur mistakes and improvement

  17. dorkman135 says:

    what methods did u use to practice? did u watch other videos, or just practice, cuz i want to start practicing

  18. @NelsonRB26 LOL i sucked here haha really old video ,

  19. NelsonRB26 says:

    How many decades he practiced to do dat?? O_o
    Holyy mother of God!!

  20. rancy240 says:

    and everytime i shuffle, why do i always get and appendix or whatever?!!!

  21. wow shit. youre nearly kinda as close as francis.

  22. @EvilGamerDeege hmmm just make a shuffle vid just show everything u can do, =0hats the best way bro

  23. EvilGamerDeege says:

    @sese666 can just like make a vid on what i can do?

  24. @EvilGamerDeege well in order for me to give u some tips, u must show me a vid of u shufflin, thats the only way =)

  25. EvilGamerDeege says:

    im pretty sure you wont answer ( i hope you do but ) i need help with putting all the basics together it cofuzzles me can you give me a tip? ive mastered the basics