24-10-2013 - edited by Jordan/Jinglez. please view in HD. a fan of our JJJ shufflers facebook page reminded us of how long it had been since we last made a g...
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9 Responses to “【JJJ】™ a shuffle in the MOUNTAINS !!【JJJ】”

  1. HardStylerz275 says:

    This seems like an interesting crew…


  2. I wait that video long long time……….

  3. AverageGuyTV says:

    Damn Jigga your hair is so long now.

  4. AverageGuyTV says:

    Thought you guys died.

  5. V-Senses SurabayaShuffler says:

    Heeeyyyy JJJ Shuffler 😀 glad you guys cme back Ashy, Jordan, Johny and
    Jaybe 😀 you guys really awesome i hope my group can be something like JJJ
    tell the world how to love this dance 😀 the passion and love for this
    dance 🙂 you guys amazing really amazing your biggest fan V-Senses/AAM/
    Indonesia 🙂

  6. Really good. I prefer your hardstyle shuffle though

  7. sdinnsd dunwana says:

    Awesome a new vid. Love to see you guys have fun

  8. aznjigga13 says:

    Jinglez, i think i like your second shuffle the most. very chill, and as
    jaybee said earlier that day; “way to be meaningful” !

  9. aznjigga13 says:

    excellent shuffles boys, our styles n genre changes are what makes us
    unique as individuals, but our love for hanging out n having a good old
    shuffle, is what makes us as one. i fuckin love you boys. we are JJJ
    !!!!!!! ______ …………gaaaaaaaaay ! ^