i recorded this at the melbourne zombie shuffle when they danced the thriller dance before my camera ran out of batterys.
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9 Responses to “2010 Melbourne zombie shuffle thriller dance HD”

  1. Grue Parnaby says:

    The event was called Zombie Shuffle, and this was just a part where everyone stopped to watch them dance about mid way through the city

  2. Matthew Egan says:

    not quite shuffling

  3. SlippyMcSlipknot says:

    Is this shuffle?

  4. I now have the urge to play PvZ

  5. christoph webster says:

    You disgraced michaels name !!!!!

  6. bradceely says:


  7. KullaKure says:

    We expect more people to learn and do this with us next time!

  8. Nathan Dixon says:

    this is the coolest thing EVER!!

  9. Melinda Miles says:

    hahahahaha Awesome